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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I managed to find the last episode of American Next Top Model(ANTM) again,of cycle7;which was the best because this corpse bride theme was totally new and way cool!

ANTM Cycle 7, Finale - Recap
CariDee Wins

© Deanna Couras Goodson

Dec 8, 2006
Caridee and Tyra, CW TV
"America's Next Top Model" crowns CariDee English, a photographer from Fargo, as the winner of its seventh cycle. She beat out a lackluster field of contestants.

The finale for Cycle 7 of "America's Next Top Model" gave the new CW network its biggest numbers yet with 6.5 million viewers and a 3.0 share. The episode, although widely watched, wasn't really that good. First off, there was very little choice between the finalists - the blonde, ice queen Melrose Bickerstaff or the even blonder loose cannon, CariDee English. I felt like I was trying to decide between a roast beef sandwish and a roast beef with swiss. Not much excitement there.

There was also no drama. Melrose and CariDee, who hate each other, didn't have any sort of argument. There was no real b*tching. No passion. In a season where passion was supposed to be everything, that sort of disturbed me.

And...who really thought Melrose had a shot at winning? I mean she had no drama from childhood and she was a perfectionist. She wasn't a sympathetic character. She didn't even have psoriasis. C'mon, y'all. You know Tyra's got a soft spot for the girl who overcomes something, anything, to become a model.

In a thoroughly lackluster season, we get a ho-hum finale. What a surprise! I'll try to walk you throught it. Try and stay awake.

We start off the episode with our three remaining girls. Who's left? There's Eugena, the girl with the dead eyes and questionable personality The judges repeatedly question if she has a personality. Next we have CariDee. She was bubbly and funny and quirky and all that. Then, she insulted Nigel during a photo shoot and toned it waaaaaayyy down. Finally, we've got uber-b*tch, Melrose. She's a perfectionist diva who knows the industry inside and out.

Are you bored yet? I am.

The girls meet with Jay Manuel. They're going to do a commercial and photo shoot for Covergirl. Dani, the winner from Cycle 6, shows up. Jay tells us that her agency shortened her name. That's why we don't call her Danielle no more. Was Danielle too tough to say? Hard to spell? Whatever.

Anyway, Dani tells the girls how to conduct themselves as Covergirls. Then, it's off to hair and makeup. CariDee figures she shouldn't overthink the commercial too much and decides NOT to practice her lines. Melrose, ever the professional, gets to work memorizing her lines. CariDee puts her hands over her eyes as if to tell Melrose to 'shut up!' Oh please! Melrose tells CariDee to be quiet. Then, Eugena and CariDee b*tch about how rude Melrose is.

Seriously. Does this series need to inject stupid, high-school style drama to keep its viewers happy? I don't think so. I mean "One Tree Hill" might be on after ANTM, but I'm grown up enough to change the channel all by myself. Personally, I'd prefer real drama or none at all. This is just stupid.

Maybe it's the editing but Eugena and CariDee don't come off as angels here, either. Melrose is the only one doing her work as usual. I find myself sticking up for Melrose although I don't like her. I don't like anyone to be honest. I don't. I don't.

CariDee's commercial was okay. She turned it on at the end, but Jay noted her personality was so over the top. Eugena needed someone to light something under her *ss. She'd make a better mattress spokesperson...or perhaps Ambien. The gal could put me to sleep. Melrose messed up. It was nerves or something. She went backstage afterwards and was very upset at herself. She can't handle screwing up at all. She's a super-perfectionist. I sure hope the girl can handle the stress of the industry.

Now, it's the photo shoot. Melrose is first, but looks tense, especially in the mouth area. That's rough because they're selling lipstick here. CariDee is more relaxed and pulls off a pretty shot. Finally, Eugena nails it. She looks the most Covergirl of the three in my opinion. It was fabulous and I was like WOW! Maybe this isn't a two-horse race.

Going into judging, the panel makes the decision to cut Eugena. This leaves us to the "blonde and blonder" finale. Eugena shoots CariDee a look and leaves her a note saying she hopes the 'natural blond' will win. At least her exit interview was classy. She does focus on her own mistakes and doesn't complain about the other gals. I think she can go far as a model. I think she wants it even if the panel isn't convinced.

The final challenge has Melrose and CariDee walking the runway for Victorio & Lucchino, who were guest judges on the panel, as ghost brides.

The runway show is very dramatic. The brides are walking through a dark, eerie-looking cave. They're wearing fantastic, "Corpse Bride" style creations. Tyra gives the girls some last minute advice. She tells Melrose her walk is great, but she's got keep her face. She tells CariDee to walk better. At least, Melrose can take direction.

The fashion show was gorgeous and high-concept, but CariDee made it comical. Her walk was almost drunk-like. She was awkward and stiff. She even ripped Melrose's dress. She also was completely over-the-top during the segment where the girls had to run and scream. Oh man! I was laughing at her. Melrose, for her part, was fantastic. She even put the minor mishap of CariDee ripping her dress, behind her. She's a trooper.

Unfortunately, at judging, the panel showed images from photo shoots that clearly favored CariDee. They also ripped Melrose for her lack of talent. They think she isn't as naturally gifted as CariDee or something like that. She doesn't have that 'wow' factor according to Nigel. Frankly, I'm not wowed by either of these gals, but Melrose is definitely a more polished professional. I think that should count for something. Of course, I also think the panel is preparing us for their decision. They've made it.

It's CariDee. I'm not surprised when they announce the winner, although I was hoping they'd give it to Melrose. Why? I think she's professional and a hard-working individual. Like Yoanna House, season 2's winner, she loves the industry and knows a lot about it.

Kudos to CariDee, I suppose.

"America's Next Top Model" will be airing several specials in the next few weeks about the British edition of the series. Check them out on the CW Network! Check your local listings for times and dates.

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Anyway,take a good look and see who deserves to win. But i'm rooting for caridee! I love her!

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