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Monday, June 16, 2008

Good afternoon,welcome to Macdonalds. Please do speak clearly when ordering your food,don't mumble and expect us to be able to hear what you are talking about. We're not super humans with super hearings. Please do specify whether you are having grill chicken bun,4 piece nuggets or cheese burger when you want a happy meal. When we say that the toy you want is already out-of-stock,IT'S OUT OF STOCK. There's no point if you ask us to turn the store upside down just to look for that one toy. And no,these toys only comes once,do not ask us when is the next stock coming in. Do we look like we know? Check out the next store. Please do not expect us to read your mind,do tell us before hand that you want some extra onions,or no lettuces. Do try not to mention this only after the food has been made. Stop telling us that you want it hot. It is HOT. We made it the minute you start ordering,it's packed right from the stove. If you dislike the way we pack our fries,don't scrunch up your face. It's simple,don't eat it if you don't like it. Our restaurant isn't a cheap place either,stop trying to scrimp and save here and keep asking us about the prices of each item. The menu is up there too,in big letters. Please do not ask us from which part of the body does the meat come from. Do we look like the butcher? Do not give us "the look" if the kitchen is late in serving you the food. We are just collecting your cash and giving your orders to the kitchen. If we happen to be a blur with the cashier,do try to forgive us as there are always new kids around learning to be cashiers. Who knows? Your kid might be just one of us. Do not ever,ever throw your money at us. We're humans too,we don't need you throwing your money at us. We're not some beggars. We are the ONE managing your food,it's better if you treat us better. You'll never know what we could add inside.
Lastly,do enjoy your food.
Please come again.

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