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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Benjamin just fetch me home. We didn't say anything about our quarrel yesterday,which i suppose was good,though i really wanna have some answers to the question if we're still gonna break up? But he was sick,the quarrel we had had already aggravated to the extend that he took off today so that he could rest at home. Well,he fell sick because he was over exhausted on our anniversary. not that we did anything! But it simply drained his energy to work on that day. See? That's why i told him to take off. Anyways,went out with yanying and desmond them guys to Simpang bedok eat prata. Haiyo,cannot stand them sia,took nearly and an hour quarreling over where to eat. We took bus 9 there,had pratas and tom yam soup. It's suuuper YUMMY!;) But wth,i see the tom yam soup and i dip my prata into the tom yam soup! What the.. Then after that one second,i was thinking,eh,why this curry so watery de huh? Then,oh shit! Lol! John and Yanying saw first,haha,john nearly puke out laughing sia.

We finish up everything and took a bus back to bedok interchange. Went to sheng siong and bought tidbits for Ee Shuen and garfield. Went over, packed his place and went to sleep.

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