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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fuck,i just lock my bf's sister's bathroom door. I mean,we couldn't enter it because she cannot find the key. Oh fuck. We watch Incredible Hulk at the Cathay,1.55am show. Wow,it WAS incredible. Marvel is getting MARVELLOUS with movies of super heroes. Wow,can you believe it? Iron man showed up! I mean,(in the movie of course,you idiot)the human la. He ask the general to get Hulk back to join a team,a team to fight against evil. I love the movie! Cause got 2 handsome guy,one is the male lead. Second is the iron man,Mr Tony Stark(still as shuai as ever!). Yay,i love the movie!

Slept for almost 12 hours. But would anybody care? Yeah,him. Woken up by garfield's message,reminding me to study today. Bye to candy dreams. Get up and face the monster! Oosh. Then what am I doing now? Blogging! Fuck. I'm off to study now. In less than 10 days,i'm going to back to school! Gawd,help me! I can't find all my chinese workshits. Can't find them. Trashed somewhere,i think.

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