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Sunday, June 08, 2008

1.What's the connection between you & the last person that called you?
eh,alina. She's my twinnie!

o2. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
Not really,i'm 24 hour contactable. At least used to be.

03. What happened yesterdae nite ?
I watch Kung fu panda with Garfield

o4. When did you last cry?
During my china trip

o5. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
Nothing,i seldom eat peanut butter

o6. What do you want in your life right now?
Do well in my studies (always talk but no action)

o7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?
I don't carry an umbrella

o8. What's your favorite thing to have on your bed?
A big warm and thick blanket!

o9. What bottom are you wearing now?
People say it looks like boxers,but it's shorts okay?!

1o. Whats the nicest text in your inbox say?
I love you,Bobble

11. Do you tends to make a relationships complicated?
Er,a little bit.

12. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?
'course not!

13. What was the last movie you caught?
Kung-fu panda! Hi-ya!

14. What are you proud of ?
That I have many books at home

15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
What are you doing today?-Garfield A month and a half back when we broke up

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?
"All I wanna do is find a way back into love," Way back into love by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore at the KunMing Airport

17. Do you have any nicknames?
Yinggg~! Lao Ying!

18. What does your last received text message say?
Eh,I forgot.

19. What time did you go to bed last night?

2o. Are you currently happy?
Yes,satisfied with what i've got.

21. Who gives you best advice?

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
'Course not!

23. Who did you talk on phone last night?
My brother

24. Is anything bugging you right now?
Yeah,my pending projects,homework,practises and scores that needs to be memorised!

25. What/Who was the last thing/person to make you laugh?
The kung-fu panda movie

26. Do you wear toe socks?

27. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
Xin Yi

28. Have you ever had your heart broken?

29. What annoys you most in a person?

3o. Do you have a crush on anyone?

31. Have you ever done cocaine?
What's that?

32. What is the colour of your room?

33.Would you kill someone youte for a billion dollar?
Er,see who it is first

34. Do you believed in the saying "talk in cheap"?
You mean talking cheap or what? Yeah,i do.

35. Who was the last person to lay in your bed?
My mom

36. Who was the last person to hug you?

37. What do you want to say to the person you have a crush on?
No idea

38. Do you have a life?
Of course!

39. Have you ever think someone died, when they really didn't?

4o. What is the reason behind your profile song?
I want people to feel moody

41. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?
Some pyscho who's trying to kill me

42. Last time you smiled?

43. Have you changed this year?

44. What are you listening to right now?

45. Are you talking to someone when you doing this?
Yeah,Yuan jie and priscilla's fren

46. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
Are you dumb or what?

47. Is there a quote you live by?

48.Do you want someone you can't have?

49. Have you ever played an instrument?
Guzheng,a little bit of piano and violin,and ruan.

5o. What was the worst idea you've had in week?
Plucking out Regina's lips

51. What were you doing last night at 11.00pm?
Walking around Bugis

52. Are you happy with your love life right now?

53. What song describe your love life?
Way back into Love

54. Does the person know that you like him/her?

55. Who always make you laughs?

56. Do you speak other language other than English?
Chinese,a little bit of french

57. Are you blond?
No you idiot

58. What your middle name?
No middle name

59. What are you doing tomorrow?
Visiting the dentist. I hate going to the dentist,

.6o. What do you think you are like?

61. Who will you choose to die with?
I wouldn't want people to die with me

62.Where have you been today?
Home,later going to Nafa

63. What game do you play often?
I don't play games

64. Who are you missing right now?

65. If you've to choose between friend & love, who will you choose?

66. What are you doing right now?
This stupid quiz that my friend ask me to do

67. Which primary school are you from?
Red Swastika School. I love them

68. Name 3 colours that you like?
White,baby blue and baby pink

69. What emotion you like to show?

7o. What is life to you?
Shopping,it's heaven!

71. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
Sit and think about it,then start writing or get into action

72. Who did you last chat in msn today?
Priscilla's friend

73. Who do you admire the most?

74. Which month are you born in?

75. How are you feeling right now?

76. What is the time now?

77. Where are you now?

78. What colour did you use to dye hair ?

79. Why are you doing this test?
Cause she ask me to

8o. What do you do when you're moody?
Play Guzheng

81. At which age you wish to get marry?
25,with a great guy

82. Who is more important to you?
Everyone around me

83. Do you think you have enough confident?

84. Who is the person you trust the most?
Anyone who gives advise that sounds reasonable enough to believe

85. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain?
It's something you see you idiot!

86. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
Everyone can be happy

87. What is your goal for this year?

88. Do you believe in eternity love?

89. Why will i love her/him?
For every part of him

9o. Do you really think its Global Warming now?

91. What feeling you hate the most?

92. you cherish every single friendship of yours?

93. Do you believe in God?

94. Who cares for you the most?
I believe everyone cares for me equally,except maybe garfield cares a bit more cause he's my bf.

95. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Pursuing my passion

96. Do you hate this quiz ?

97. What have you regretted doing in your whole life?
Not studying,always late

98. What would you feel that no one no longer cares for you?

99. What if your stead two-timed you?
I will... Listen to what he has to say.
Not reasonable enough? I will rip off all his leg hair,chest hair,arm pit hair,and all his hair down there! Muahahahaha

1oo. Who would u sabo next?
We'll see who's mean to me

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