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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Went to cineleisure to watch indiana jones in the early morning,1am. I went out midnight,and garfield keep taking the wrong road,and we're running late for the movie already,1.15am show. We finally reach our destination(whew,because garfield was very fierce and annoyed at going at the wrong lane),we quickly rushed upstairs to get the tickets. Wth,she told us there was no such shows! And garfield was very very angry,he went aside and i got scolded by him for not checking the movie timing properly that i made everyone woke up in the middle of the night just to watch that dumb show. But after awhile,garfield checked on his phone at the yahoo.com website,indeed,it really have the show. Why the hell did the woman told us no? Apparently,it was a stupid mistake they made. They said they would check,and in the mean time,watch other movies. And we watch 'what happens in vegas'. I thought the show was pretty nice,but garfield has much higher expectations and i guess,the incident still troubled him that he didn't really enjoy the movie. After the show ended,that guy/girl(cause he's a transvesite) came in and explain to us. But they didn't provide a solution or any answers for us. We're mad at the whole thing,because they just wanna push the blame to yahoo for showing the wrong timing,giving excuses that they are the 3rd party. Wtf,it clearly showed there that there is this show. Whatever the hell,they just push the blame to yahoo,just like that. We're so pissed that we went off,and it was around 4am when i reach home. Went to bed and sleep. Meanwhile,garfield sat with his laptop at home and wrote an email to Cathay.

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