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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Went out to escape with clique. Super fun,got weeta,cheekin,ken,yikhoon,cheryl,sihui and alina. Lol,stupid,they should have ask me again whether i can go out on sunday or not mah. They reach there already,then i called cheryl,see whether can go or not. Then took bus 17 down. The inverter so fun,we're practically screaming our heads off! Then got the stupid staff,not only scold me crazy,and saw someone sneezing on my leg and then keep doing the sneezing sign. Stupid. Go everywhere also see him,=.=
And i let cheekin keep my sour sweets,but he sat on it! Now,no one can eat it cause of his smelly butt. Dots.

Lol,saw sihui's post,and she talk to me just now. She prayed for me and alina's safe return from china,so sweet hor? I prayed for a lot of things(shan't tell you all of it),one of it is happiness for all of us. And that I thank Garfield for making me wake up,now that i can study hard.

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