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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Went out to Bugis with sihui and alina today,we walk around for quite long at bugis street. Garfield very good,he gave me some money to eat. Didn't manage to buy the cup noodles cause it seems a little more expensive at Cold Storage. But i would say there is very very fresh. The things they sell there are mostly imported from other countries. And we walk around Bugis street looking for Sihui and Alina's shoes. Then Alina bought a black bag. Stupid,they took so long to look for their shoes! Cause most of the shops are not open yet and some of the shops don't have nice designs. Lucky sihui got help me carry my bag for awhile. Inside got A math textbook,foolscap and pencil case. Oh,and 9 Quaker cookies&cream bar and a wan zai niu nai which i'm going to bring to china. Lol,like going to china to picnic.

Below is a couple of Pussy Cat Dolls videos,and the When i Grow Up is their newest video. It's so damn cool! Go watch it! They're very very hot and professional dancers sia!

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