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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That's dumb,i've been asked to do another quiz. Quizes quizes quizes,how many MUST I DO?

01. Your status?
- Attached :) happily ever after

02. How many hours do you sleep?
- Oh well, as long as 14 hours.

03. Do you own a laptop or cellphone?
- The word people used is called HANDPHONE

04. Where is your bf/gf?
- He's blading with his female cousin now,at east coast i think. Come,let's not think of anything else...

05. Last person you kissed?
-Well, Garfield? Where are you~?

06. Have you been to the movie in the last 5days?
- Yeah,vivocity. Go speed racer!

07. Last food you ate?
- Tom Yam instant noodle

08. Your dream vacation?
- Europe,where i dream of visiting the beautiful city there ;)

09. Have you been in love?
- Yeah,and i don't think i can ever fall madly in love ever again

10. Do you miss anyone right now?
- Yeah,Garfield. I think he's enjoying the wind in his face now,going fast.(I thought of nothing else!)

11. What are you listening to right now?
- The Host of Seraphin on my blog,yes,thank you. I know it's gloomy,which i WANT YOU TO FEEL IT.

12. Do you collect anything?
- Eh,nope. That's disgusting,especially junk. (right? sihui~)

13. Last time you took a shower?
- Pervert! Okay,never mind. 15 min ago.

14. Have you ever like someone that it hurts so much?
- Yes. The kind where love can turn to hate and revenge. Muahahaha( i rule! )

15. Have you ever brokened someone heart?
- Oh yes,probably loads of it too. And i'd never forget that look on his face.

16. If you can go back in time and change thing, would you?
- I'm not sure,because what i did in the past makes who and what i am now.

17. What's in your mind?
- Which section would you like to know? I have the love part,the sex part( pervert! why would YOU wanna know? ),left and the right brain.
- However,the most disfunctional one should be my math and science brain.
- And the one running at high speed is my literature and poetry!

18. Who do you like?
- Lo and behold! I love YOU! And you! And you! I love everyone,except that idiot from my class. I'll hate him forever.

19. What was the last SMS you receive from?
- Alvin Chua.

20. Do you smoke?
- Never ever! Do you know how much money you're wasting?! And contributing to global warming?!! DO YOU KNOW ... Okay,let's not get carried away-.-

21. Who is the person on your mind right now?
- Garfield! Where'd you go~ I miss you so~ Seems like it's been forever,since you've been gone~

22. Last person you talked to on the phone?
- De Cai. My ex's best friend. Cause i thought we're having dinner with my ex.

23. Who is the last person who tags you on your blog?
- Some asshole whom i don't know.

24. When is the best time to eat ice-cream?
- Whenever i feel like it! Yes,nothing stops me! (muahaha! )

25. What are you doing tomorrow?
- Probably skipping it again=p Wait,i think not. Having china trip meeting tomorrow.

26. Were you a nerd in your 5th grade?
-`Sure sure, i suppose. Though i dont read read & bang my head on any pillar or poles.

27. Have you ever been on tv?
- Yeah. Why'd you wanna know? Kaypoh!

28. Have you ever loved someone so much that you're willing to sacrifice your life for him/her?
- Hope he's worth that love.

29. 3 things about you?

30. What's bothering you?
- This long and stupid survey that WONG SIHUI TOLD ME TO DO.

31. What are you thinking about?
- Why is this so long? Do you really wanna find out so much about me?

32. Best childhood memory?
- Seeing my best guy friend whom i use to have a crush on off to the airport,for his immigration. sobs;(

33. 5 of your biggest fear?
- Seeing all the above coming true. HELP~

34. Would you go back with your ex if they ask you to?
- See first.

35. Want to get married?
- Sure,i'm ready.

36. How many kids do you want to have?
- 4? Happy family!
- 2 a bit boring(small family)
- 3 unlucky for the middle child(poor thing,i never meant that for my child)

37. Married to who?
- Mrs Garfield, i'll be his sweet wife,waiting for him at his big house for him to knock off. In the mean time,i should study because that' what he wanted and it's the best for me=)

38. Alaska or Hawaii?
- Alaska. I hate seeing people going hawaii wearing that stupid shorts.

39. Do you love chocolates?
- I'm a GIRL for GOD'S sake! Did you see me savouring the book that cheryl bought about the CHOCOLATE LOVER'S CLUB? I have part 2 myself... Okay okay,i'll stop about the books.

40. Your favourite fairytale?
- Cinderella,that's everyone's wish to wear a glass slipper given by the prince.

41. Words for today?
- I pray for everyone's happiness.

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