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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stupid alina told me to do the quiz,okay lor. Do then do,muahahaha!

1. If you have a choice,which language do you want to learn? Why?

French! Because i would wanna enojoy life in paris when i grow up =)

2. What do you want most now?

My L'OREAL brown eye shadow!

3. Who are the people you trust the most?

My clique and The Old Gang

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?

Yeap,i think so

5. Five characterisic that you cannot tolerate.

1. People who act cute or act chio when they are seriously not and is fucking disgusting

2. People who are short-sighted when they do things

3. People who shows attitude,flirt.

4. People who thinks that the world revolves around them

5. People who disagree with the above mentioned,thinks that it's okay

6. What is your goal for this year?

Hope to pass my subjects,score for diploma and at least get into second round for guzheng competition

7. 10 things about you?

1. Love deep and passionately

2. I'm not that friendly,but at least laughable to be with

3. I love my primary school(oh well,everyone can see that)

4. Everyone who knows me well enough knows that i'm not as fierce as i look

5. I love Guzheng(have been learning since quite young)

6. I hate people throwing things at my face(come on,don't you?)

7. Love to go out to orchard,SHOPPING!!!

8. Love 6/4'05 , 2e5'07 , 3e3'08

9. Take photos


8. What feelings do you like most?

Reminscence. Being loved, and loving others,care for them

9. What are your requirements for your other half?

Buy things for me

watch movies at least once a week

Pay for my every meals when we go out to eat

Give me a bit of allowance

Care for me

Love me

Not shout at me

Don't cheat on me(otherwise i'll chop your **** off!)

I think it should be enough to scare them off...

10. What do you hate most?

I hate my enemies. My teeth are sharp to bite meat,not the hateful veggies.

11. Do you cherish every friendship?

Of course,they mean a lot to me

12. What do you want most now?

I want root beer with vanilla ice cream topping!

13. What do you think is the most important things of your life now?

My friends,my family,ny boyfriend,studies. Everything have to balance up.

14. Who do you hope to be always there for you?

My clique,my boyfriend,my friends

15. Who are your best friends?


16. Who cares for you the most?

my friends

17. Other than yourself,who do you trust most?

My besties

18. Who made you smile when you are down?

clique,the old gang and garfield. But i'm mostly happy all the time

19. If god allow you to have only one wish and only wish,and it's going to be fufilled,what will it be?

Save that for other people who believed in him. That's not an insult,i'm sorry but i don't believe in god.

20. What will you like to do when you are with your other half?

Sit in his car and race down the changi highway in the the middle of the night

The eight people to do the quiz:

- alina

- cheryl

- sihui

- eliz

- xinyi

- jiaying

- greena


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