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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Okay,tonight is my last post. I'm so not missing singapore.

Okay,that's not true. Anyway,i'll miss you all guys! Especially my garfield,wonder how's he gonna survive without ME around. Muahahaha! I'm flying off tomorrow,will be meeting them to have dinner at terminal 2 swensens first. After that meeting with the teachers at 1.15am at terminal 3.

I've never been there before,but i heard it's budget terminal. I hate there because there's no food where you can order just anything. I don't know whether i can order anything on the plane or not,since it's China Airlines. I know SIA is the best,because i can order anything and the air stewardess is nice. I had orange juice spilled on my pants that it looked like i just peed in my pants the last time i went to beijing during my p5,and one of the air stewardess took their blanket and wrap around my pants. Oh well,she said she knew fashion,so i trusted her with her fashion taste. In the end,i look like some weird kid with this big long blanket that can sweep the floor. And i got to take that blanket home. Cool,cause the blanket was soft and nice=)

Hold on! I'm not sure whether i can even go or not,considering i skip a lot of the lessons about those data logging thing and i haven't even pass up my birth cert yet. Oh my freaking gawd,i seriously think i am in serious trouble.

My flight is
29 MAY 08:MU 750
Departure time:3.15am

4 JUNE 08 :MU 749
Arrival time: 3.15am

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