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Monday, May 26, 2008

Just went to someone's blog in singapore,not anyone that i know but some famous blogger who thinks she's very chio. Okay,she thinks so but i don't. Can't believe how some people could go there and compliment her or stood up for her! Come on,her blog is meant to be spammed anyway. She's crude,officially brainless and a racist! God,i so do not agree that she's nice and her post are correct. If she's right about things,she's probably not setting up that blog anyway.

Went out with XinYi to the gym yesterday. I thought Farhan would be there,but he's not. He said he took that day off to rest. Oh well,never mind. We only managed to work out for around an hour before xy says her mom is asking her to go home. Wth,always like that. Everytime she promised she'd stay until later,in the end,leaving early. WTF. Anyway,we walk to interchange cause she wanted to buy something. We walk past the tennis court. Boy,i miss playing tennis. Sad,those real ones are expensive,each costing around $60-400. But anyway,probably i'd ask Thomas when does he wanna meet up to play.
And after that went to meet yy,des,jw,kelvin,john,ry,hp,jeff. Went to 85 market to eat. Des treat me,cause i didn't have money to eat already. Lol,in the end after he paid for my meal,he took money out from john's wallet . Their food took a long long long time to arrive. By the time it came,i had to go already cause garfield came to fetch me for dinner with his sis at Thai Express. I was quite full already,so i only ordered mango blend(my favorite!) while they had curry chicken and curried soft shell crab. Okay,i love both! So i ordered a bowl of rice and took from them both =p
*yum! yum!*

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