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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm bored,bored,BORED! I'm at his house now,his friends are here so i couldn't talk to him. Currently hiding in his sister's room with his sister. She's playing CABAL,i wanted to play. But the stupid application cannot run,got problem. Tough book is great,but cannot play this kind of high resolution game*sob*. Sian,nothing to do so blog lor,cannot go upstairs also,his friend and the gf are here so i have to pretend to be his sister's friend.

Hm,went out with xy today. Went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of Crystal Skull,it's nice. Just like the others that i watched on channel 5. However,xy never watch or hear before Indiana Jones. I was quite surprise lor,i mean,NEVER HEARD OF INDIANA JONES BEFORE? Boy,he is so FAMOUS! But anyway,it was a bit boring cause she didn't understood some of the humor,so i couldn't laugh with her. Okay,i sort of regretted my decision of watching with her,cause Garfield actually wanted to watch with me. But never mind,i only got to watch movies once in awhile with my friends. I usually watch with him,his sister and her bf. Next up,i'd probably be wanting to watch Chronicles of the Narnia. I saw the reviews for it,people said that the first one was better.

Still waiting to catch 'THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE'! I can't wait!

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