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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I didn't go to school yesterday,but went today. I know i fail my SS,will need lit to score A1 to pull up. But it's very sian lor,if i can score A1 for lit,then overall got pulled down to C6 because of my SS. Sian right??? Then i just pass my E math,fail my A math(where can i get with this kind of grades?!),still don't know my lit yet. Fail all my sciences. Okies,at least i got a C5 for my chinese,great! I thought i'd fail,cause teacher said that 5 out of 15 people failed. And I usually am one of the weaker students. Okies,glad to know that. I got 60/100 for my english. I totally hate the teachers walking around lor,i ask them,2 face is it split personality also? Then they say is very open,i can write anything. I even ask two different teachers. Now,i wrote out of point,paper one just pass only. Sad,i'm going to look for teacher tomorrow.

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