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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy birthday to me! Haha,thanks guys! I love all of you,thanks for wishing me happy birthday. Brighten up my day! I go to school,haha,everyone who took bus 27 was late cause the bus was late. Then cheryl gave me a birthday card,lol.l So sweet,they gave me a tiramisu cake lor. Then after ms tey's lesson,i took out and eat. Share with a lot of people leh,i think got cheryl,alina,jiahui,fiona,priscilla,yuen fang,kailing. Yanying emo cause she fail her english,then lying on the table. She later then eat lor,ask her to take the first few bites she don't want. Then sihui more funny,i need to take to her class. Then that time mr zul walking around catching people playing cards. After that,went to see dentist. Wah siao,kena dental appointment. My teeth very jialut. Then i skip the punggol trip,go back home first. Then halfway decided to go RSS for awhile,reach there around 2.30. Then stayed for an hour talking to mrs teo about the guzheng,them getting gold with honour! Wow!

Then took a cab to garfield's place,quite late liao. We went out at 5 and took a cab to vivo city. Watch 'Speed Racer',quite nice la. But the camera a bit shaky,and all the race tracks very colourful. When buying tickets,we met xueting and her stead there. After watching,garfield brought me to Hog Breathe's Cafe to eat. Quite ex leh,but the portion very big and food is very nice. I think today we come out like that spend up to $100+ lo. Garfield say wait a few days then he gimme present,hm,i wonder what is he getting me.
Damn tired sia,i gotta go sleep le.

Thanks guys,i love you all! Thanks for making my birthday a wonderful day!

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