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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Haiyo,seems like I need to boost up my confidence? Haha,forgot that he not only has pig hands,he also has pigs eyes! Cannot tolerate other people saying him then start calling people's mouth bloody. Wow,actually,people playing instruments are usually more cultured leh,but what comes out from his mouth is vulgarities. Aiyo,so said also,i never copy and paste his wish list. Now change liao,it's "actually for our glorious glorious guzheng cca in school" wor! Wah,i didn't know his sacrifice is so big ah,spend a few hundred dollars to record our song. Or will he tell us to pay him afterwards? Opps,i accidently deleted the tags leh,so sorry. Maybe you can tag again? Coligar would have something to tell you leh.
Oh ya,so poor thing. You must be feeling very stress bah,you can only go out with your family. Only know how to trouble and pester them to bring you out,so poor thing you know? Don't know how to wei fu mu zao xiang,only know how to spend their money,pester them when they are working. Wait a minute,doesn't it sound like a little immature kid? Haha,contrast his own words. Stupid.
Oh ya,i don't who stunned until tiam tiam leh,when vicky told that someone about the concert master thing,or was it that he SO WEI DA,WANNA LET OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THAT POSITION HUUUH~?

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