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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blogging at home now,my house finally got internet! It wasn't that easy anyway,got many calls to singtel and ask them about the modem. My papers has finally ended! So happy! I am going to shop till i drop! Maybe at TANGS,Takashimaya? Argg! So many things to buy! But first,(eh,I also don't which one to get first)I wanna get the L'Oreal eye shadow. Then maybe contact lens. Stupid cheryl,say that the grey lens make me look like vampire*argh!*

This morning went to compass point,and i sneak macdonald's food into kfc(whew,thank god they didn't catch me!). Then we went to walk walk around,and i went for guzheng at vicky's place at 12pm.

I know some friends of mine thought that i'm materialistic,but i'm not. I just happen to she de hua,willing to spend more money on nicer stuffs. Not that i could afford,just happen that i save a bit,spend a bit. Boyfriend give me some to spend*love him!*. But anyway,i don't take this comments badly either,guess they don't know me well enough. Currently,only my ELLE wallet and DKNY watch is branded. I don't think my heels are. Mondo? Yeap,adding together,my wallet and watch probably cost $500,more or less. Oh well,never mind, I don't ask to have branded stuff all the time. My bags are not.

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