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Monday, May 12, 2008

Went to bugis with clique. Had stood there for half an hour at the public phone,calling many freaking phones but none of them pick up. Finally,yy pick and we FINALLY met the clique at pastamania. Was super duper extreme irritated,like i like retard sia. But then cooled down le,i even jokingly said to cheryl that maybe i should go order mcdonald's,and complain if they have any bad service to vent my frustration. Lol,we went bugis street,and i bought i dress for just $20! Whew,lucky clique help me choose,if not i choose the orange one and i'll look like an orange(which is what idiot cheryl said) and sihui lend me $2;must return on monday. And they went back to sengkang while me and yy went to orchard. Then i went to look for garfield,he gave me $20 to eat. Heh.
Went to little india(...) with guzheng group,have lunch and celebrated monique's birthday. After that we went Nanyang Girls' High to watch their performance. Not bad,i wouldn't say much about it. But i have to admit that their du zhou qu is super duper extreme good. Cao pro de. And after that happent to saw jiaying there. Ask her to pei me go meet eliz,and we manage to get xinyi along too. Whew,lucky that we can all meet up like this. Then eliz forgot to bring her stud,cannot pierce. Never mind,the day before my birthday we go celebrate and pierce also.
Happy birthday,monique!

At least got to sleep a lot better le,but still not enought. And i waited for my bro to come back before asking dad to fetch us to ngee ann city to buy things. But the fair there is over already,so we could only go takashimaya. My bro so sweet,he treat me eat ice cream and fishball noodles. I said i cannot eat chicken or seafood. Then i stood up to go buy noodles,then he ask me to sit down and he took his own wallet and buy for me. Then I bought my bedroom slippers,and we bought a big bolster for mummy. Very soft,and i love my slippers!(now wearing them,and bobo biting it=.=) I saw a lot of things at TANGS,wanted to buy de. But bo hua,so never mind. The SK II anti-wrinkle very ex,cost $171. If i buy le,don't need to buy anything liao. Then i met up with garfield,he lost his one terabyte hard disk,which he bought for 300+. Then he quarrelled with the mrt control stuff,the stupid woman can actually scold him why he so stupid to lose his things. And keep giving excuses,then garfield threaten to complain. And then her attitude change,better. But is like,what the hell? So rude,dismiss people off like that. But garfield finally got it back(big relief)
,then we went back to house eat pizza.

Happy Mother's day!

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