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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Went out with sister today,to bugis then marina. She bought her red PUMA bag,and we went around looking for shades,and hopefully a very suitable shades for me!(because my face too small,none of the shades fit my face)

Anyway,we then went to marina square to catch leap years. Can you believe it? After so long and it's still selling fast??? And we only managed to get a second row seat,no other seats. I wonder if there's any idiots who watch it again,and waste the good seats that are meant for the people who haven't watch it yet.-.-

Then i got really really hungry,but i don't have money with me,neither do eliz. I know it sounds dumb,but we went to JOHN LITTLE and bought $10 worth of yummies(a snoopy chips,TOBLERONE,and FAMOUS AMOS!as always,my favorite(;) with my voucher. Lol!

At least eliz had a bit of money to buy a McSpicy meal,and she didn't upsize because she didn't have enough money. An i search my bag,but we only had 45cents! Just need another 5cent more. Sianz... The movie was nice,wong li lin really act very well,but qi yi wu's english really suck sia.

And after watching the movie,we walk past the john little again,and saw some really hot-looking bikini. We went in again,but eliz didn't buy cause she didn't know who to approach. But i went around choosing shades,and we were rushing because my dad is coming to fetch us in 5 minutes! Omg,we don't even know where's the taxi stand! I think we just look like some mad women with a lot of shopping bags running out of JOHN LITTLE,to the taxi stand(we manage to ask the cashier okay?)


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