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Monday, March 10, 2008

During the weekend,i was heading down to orchard,i'm going on a shopping spree with the vouchers at TANGS,blah blah,mark and spencers? Heck, there's nothing interesting to buy,the make-up gay at benefit is still working there. So i was like wondering if he'd recognise me as the-girl-who-accompanied-the-girl-who-bought-a-lot-of-cosmetics-here. But my friend was really generous with spending her money on all these make-up. But if,the service attitude was bad,she can't be bothered to patronise them. Anyway,back to the point,i didn't buy anything.

Going out with nobody but only yanying on sunday didn't help either,there WAS SIMPLY NOTHING TO BUY AT ALL! Worse,while we were arguing with each other,she turned and scolded "SHUT UP LAH!" The worst thing was,there was this guy in between us when she yelled. And he was taken back by her,thought that yanying was scolding him. But anyway,she apologise,we continued on our way and i de siao her all the way. LOLS!

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