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Monday, February 25, 2008

Now in school,using SS period to blog. Lol! Suppose to do project de lor! Nvm , NAT says why never put his name,so here's your name! The other day went to pasir ris park with clique and yy's bf,wayne. They all wear black lor! Haha,stupid,later you all get heat stroke. [and i wear white okay,i NEVER wear black. stop saying that i'm like them! i don't have the same hair clip,i don't know what the hell are you talking about . ]

Then we sit on the grass and play with Bobo while cheryl,sihui and alina go play with water cause they scared of my dog and cheryl hate it cause she cannot see lindsey. And she drank the water that yy and wayne use to feed Bobo! Lol,she mind A LOT A LOT,but she's more irritated that she dunno how to cycle!

Then pei cx walk,she wanna go and find him. Wth,reach liao then she say loudly that didn't i say i wanna fish with them? Humiliate me in front of them lor,i said" FISHING IS A SIN,WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANNA FISH?"

Then rain,we go return bike. Poor Bobo,got caught in the rain. Stupid wayne, keep saying "buo buo~ "[in chinese means boobs]

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