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Monday, December 24, 2007

Went to orchard the other day with greena,i was kinda late(because sleep mah). And she was at Tangs Benefit shop with this sorta gay helping her with the make up. I like his service attitude,who isn't shy about his identity. And after that we check out this Roxy perfume(which isn't nice cause it smelt kinda sour). We went cineleisure to get her name done on a tag but they said they were too busy to get it done on that day so we went off. So we went off searching for my shades,which most shops actually sold out already and we had to wait until next year. Then we went to heeren and took neo prints. Halfway down then did we realise that greena left her cosmetics at the neoprint shop. Gawd,she bought them for over $200. Luckily,she got it back. Anyway,I bought cleanser from Bobbi Brown which cost me $43 at Takashimaya,but i found it rather good after using it.

Went to watch swan lake by sinapore dance theatre today and happy reunion concert of 2 chinese orchestra at esplanade's concert hall and theatre hall.

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