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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The other day came back from camp,gawd,all scratches! The food not that bad la.. And they said wake up at 7.30,but stupid mr kwek came in at 6.15am and on the lights. Then tired sia,cause first night cannot sleep and keep talking to alina and hui xuan. Yay,i wanna be more fierce! More fierce!
Today went to edlyn's chalet and dan proposed to edlyn. Great,looking forward to their wedding next august. Then send my brother off to airport,going qingdao. 12 days.

On thursday,went to watch enchanted with yanying,cheryl,aaron,benjamin and edmund. The chipmund is SO cute! He come to the real world liao then cannot talk. Then the way he act i SUPER cute lor. After that rush to ben's house get guzheng and took cab to NAFA. Xuan Ming went to NTU instead,which was SO MUCH HARDER than NAFA. Gawd.hope that i pass lor. Priscilla failed. Tomorrow getting back results,hope that i pass. Hope that i pass.

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