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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lols,went to the gym with Jia Ying and Xin Yi today. Duh,me and jy don't need to go de lor,is xy keep on pull us go de. Then we played around with all the machines[other than the weight lifting de,too heavy!!!]Then we left around 4.20pm to go with xy to collect her price at downtown east. In the end we sat another bus to tampines instead cause she said it was too late to collect liao. What the fuck. WE encountered a EXTREMELY RUDE FAMILY there. The guy was like,moving backwards without looking who's behind and heck,i was behind him can? Then i go"tsk". Then he turn,and that's where i saw the pram with the kid inside. So inside i was thinking,okay,don't take too much to heart. He didn't mean much,i guess??? Then i walk to jy and xy that side and that's where he go"what? what's your problem?"

BIG FUCK. My prob? Now,you're the one starting it ok? I turn and look at him,and he stared?! Fuck you,man. When i tell xy and jy that time,he was like"you wanna talk,talk in my face lah"
Damn,dont care la. Fuck him. Anyhow scold ppl de.

hey,i just wanna say:FUCK YOU,MAN!

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