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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh my gosh,alvin's gonna have piano in his house? It's so cool! He's closing own his blog,but... who cares? right?

I've gotta guzheng i love,ben says he might wanna trade our guzheng so that he can tune mine. We had a long talk yesterday,it feels nice cause we've got the answers to what we wanna ask.
Wonder if his mom can accept? I really wonder.

Didn't go to school today,sore eye. Itches a lot,what the heck. Raining now,how am i suppose to buy my mac? DUHH.

I ran into alvin this morning,as I was sheltering from the rain at 7-11. Just when i was thinking"when am i going to run into him these days?"

After he left,miss lee came. Oh my god! She caught me staring into a space,cause i'm thinking. And though i said i'm fine,she look at me and the "space" I stared at. DUH. I AM SO EMBARRESSED. we exchanged greetings and i explained myself. She left after that. But alvin came back. When i reach home then i saw his msg,to pass me money so that i can take a cab to school. But anyway,i visit the doc just then,got a mc to cover me.

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