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Friday, September 21, 2007

I just bought this book,"Empress Orchid". It's about qing dynasty's way of life in the Forbidden palace. I knew it was a fiction,but i believe the treachery and schemes set by 3000 concubines against each other very real. How much beauty can Lady Yehonala aka Orchid and Empress Nuhaloo have,to fight for the emperor's attention? All concubines have evil eyes against each other,jealousy when one of them is pregnant with the "dragon's son"?

As I read on,I think it's a bit like me. Perhaps? It was written outloud in a book that of what i'm thinking. An also,who wouldn't wanna live the life like a queen? But of course,i have no interest in the politics of the nation nor the boredom of it. Anyway,I am KIND okay? Not some stupid scheming girls trying to get a stupid male's attention. It's nice,so was the "Time traveller's wife". I'd recommend to friends.

Yeap,my bookcase came and so is my bed. Yeah,last night was the first night i slept on the bed though it came on tues. Ya,cause i stayed at his house.

The past few days was great spending with you,baby. Love you,and sorry that i cause you to get a stupid fine. Our 3rd month just went by. Haha,i knew you wouldn't read my blog anyway,so i'm saying,i'm going to give you a surprise on our 100th day.

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