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Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby,it's our one year on the 9th sept.
It ended four months ago...

People said that the first bf is always the best,I agree. You will always be my no.1 in my heart.

You are the one who made me feel the ecstasy of love,who made my heart beat fast. You swept me off my feet,and took me to a place of happiness which i've never been before.

You're the one who upsets me the most,but you're the one who gave me the most happiness.

You're the one who disappoint me the most,but you're also the one who gave me pleasant and plenty of surprises.

You taught me emotions,and i taught you life.

You brought me into the world of adults and i bring you back memories of childhood.

You brought me jokes and I brought you laughter.

I gave you chances,but i wonder if you ever cherished them.

Last year when i decided to meet up with you,you gave me the wrong no.
Last year I waited for you at our usual place for an hour but you never turned up.
After three months together I wanna hug you,the first time that i've ever hug a guy. I waited for you at the playground after midnight,you never turned up.

It's over long ago,I wonder if you understand me,though we may still love each other,we are still not meant to be together.


loving you always...

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