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Monday, August 27, 2007

lols. today We gave Chu Xuan the big turtle. It cost us $50 lor,and I was practically running aruond the whole singapore looking for a stupid turtle because joyce didn't reserve the turtle in her shop for me and all minitoons in singapore is out of stock for the large turtle. Fine,I finally found it at More Than Words in white sands.

Went to NTUC chalet from fri to sun. Lols,stupid raymond thinks that by throwing tantrums,being emo,anti-social and talking to my bro would attract me to him. No,in fact i'm more disgusted. Oh s'il vous plait,I don't wanna find out that kevin also like me as well. I agree with edlyn that it'd give us both a big headache to have the whole team liking me. DUH. Then he bloody hell ask him to go and die la,he think that he like me means i cannot go play,talk with other guys meh??? Huh? HUh?? HUH???

Duh,then on sat was the BBQ and i drink a few cups. Haha,I got a bit drunk and start to luagh at nothing. Lols! Then Dan was looking at me in quite a diaoded way while i talk on the phone to Benjamin.

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