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Monday, August 27, 2007

He said f0rever farewell to me,My bf thought he's childish. Frankly,i think i still held some feelings for him. I guess i gotta agree with edlyn,he gave up so fast. How much feelings could he still have hold for me? Probably it was just a infactuation and he can't stand defeat. I waited for his sms,so that i have some one to go with me to watch the Swan Lake on Ice,but he didn't reply my sms the next day. I guess I can just forget it,i don't wanna bother him anyway.
Will he read this?
I wonder.
I hope the best for the next girl to be his girlfriend.

I wanna say too,goodbye forever. I would forget him and move on with my life. The best,i'm still learning my french. The romantic language.

Chute des fuilles...

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