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Saturday, August 18, 2007

come,let's learn literature.
scene:classroom,mr koh our physics teacher packing,class almost empty for recess

Sihui:Er,teacher,i don't have the paper.
Mr Koh:Why didn't you rise up your hand and say it just now?
Sihui:I did.
Mr Koh:I didn't hear it. Next time come to me earlier. Don't keep quiet.
Sihui: But 'cher,I did...
YingZi: Ya lor,she did say leh. I heard it.

[stunned silence by teacher...]

Mr Koh:I didn't hear it. You girls have not been listening to me.
YingZi:Did too. We have been listening to YOU.

[teacher stunned,yingzi leaves the class with sihui. cheryl waiting outside.]

Mr Koh:Rubbish!
Yingzi:[stops halfway for a moment]BULLSHIT.

[more stunned by the brazen girl who appeared comical to her friends.]

MUAHAHA! I rule the class!

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