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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wooo~~ One good news,one bad news and one good news.
Good news: Yay! Austin's back from Hong Kong! I going to make him come out with us until he die. He so good,now jia ba bo tai ji at home eat sleep and play. Can sleep until so late in the morning.

Bad news: My PSP got confiscated on thurs! Bloody prefect,check my bag. See my hp,she say"nvm."
See my PSP,"Wah! Ah... But i have to take that."

My expression:T_T

Good news: My PSP swim back to me! Lame,given to me by Mdm yeo after talking a mountain of bullshit to my dad. And duh,you think PSP can swim?

Anyways,I LOVE BENJAMIN! hehe~

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