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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A lot has happened these few days,and even though i'm attached,there's still a couple of guys wooing me. Sorry that i'm not available,but some are really really nice. There was once my jie edlyn ask me out for dinner,and she asked alvin along. We did not speak to each other even though we're only next to each other. I said already,only people make the first move,not me. And i don't like to wait,only others can wait for me but not me for them. That dinner,made me realise that he is no longer the same person already. Business all the time,so what if he has a company now and doing business already? He was on the phone all the time,talking about business. Well,we shared great memories,but he will never be the same again.

I have not regretted not going back to him.

Now,I only love Ben. I will give him the best,though trying to love him with all my heart. Sorry to Raymond,that is.

A very nice guy,but not suitable for me.

Chi yi and chuxuan's taiji: Well,she doesn't know that i'm trying to help her. It's ok,but i'm not sure how they wanna settle it. I know Chu xuan loves him a lot. Guess it's all the best to her now.

The other day,Ben fetch me and we ate at Thai Express,went Changi Village see 'Ah Quas'.Transveites.*Bleh*xp Don't know how to spell. So funny! Mnay of them are pretty,however we knew once they start talking,it's all goneT_T

Then we went to Changi beach watch the stars,(stupid,these few days raining where got stars?!xD)and then to changi airport watch the plane at the runway. Wah Siao! Then got police lor,cause it's illegal to park there. Double zig zag yellow line. Nearly cause him to lose 4points and have fine. Whew! But the other 2 cars were fog up,guess they're having sex inside. The couple in one of the car couldn't even come out because they were naked! Lol!!! And they took Ben's address and name,I said i forgot to bring my IC. Then the male officer came back and ask the female officer,
"What about her?"
"Never mind."

Whew!Else i'd be in BIG TROUBLE. Lol. okay,close shave. Then he help me buy Absolute Vodka.

Hmmm,nowadays i'd be meeting my jie go for supper and blah blah. So sad,Austin went back already. AND HE TOOK BACK TO HONG KONG THE UMBRELLA THAT I LEND HIM THE OTHER DAY WHEN HE CAME OVER! Ehs ehs,where's my present?

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