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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today 2nd day of school,hair caught. fingers nails need to cut. Then,they can return the necklace. It's ok,no hurry to get it back. Anyway,i thought of a new story:

Once there was a little girl who was shy to love. Once,a guy wanted to woo her. She rejected him for she fear she could not givethe guy enough love,and that it'd break his heart if they were to break up. She didn't contact him for a few months so as not to give the guy false hope. And gradually,smses came lesser and lesser. Finally,no more.

She often wonder what became of the guy.

One day,she checked her mail. There was a mail for her,and it was from the guy. To inform her that he was going overseas for studies soon and just hope to eat a simple dinner with her.

She agreed. It was laughters,and catching up on each other's life. When it was time to go home,the guy offered to send her home. This time,she didn't reject. On the way home,the guy said,"I still love you a lot. i knew you didn't want to accept me but i hope you'd give me a chance.
I promise you bliss and happiness.
Whether you believe me or not,there is a lifetime for me to prove it to you."

The girl said nothing.

The night was gettig colder,and the guy felt a hand slowly slipping into his hand,holding him. The girl had tears in her eyes. She had not known she had this love in her all this while,perhaps,she would too,be able to love him a lfetime.

The wind blew by,the fallen leaves rustle along the groumd. A love began;warming their heart against this ending autumn. September.

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