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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So late now,any idea how i pass this kinda life? I mean,i can't sleep until dawn. A few days ago he msged me if i was looking for him,i was puzzled so i said no. Just now,i went to his blog. And i knew why. It was one night and i was having supper with his buddy,and his bro saw us so thought i came to look for him. S'il vous plait! His own brother don't even know that we broke up! Why the hell would I go and look for him with nothing to tell him? Face his cold words? It hurts more than a thousand slap on the face. He msged me again today,asking me to meet him one of these days,he said he had to bring me to place,before it's too late. I said fine,though i had been working all day long,afternoon till midnight. Reach home bath,lie in bed,nothing to do and sleep in the morning again.I wonder what is he up to.

Tomorrow morning i'm meeting chuxuan they all go tm and bugis. Think i'll needa put make up,dark eye circles.

What am i suppose to do? So frustated,the day when i'm going to give and answer to my colleague at mac,edlyn called me and tell me about him. Some more what about my god bro? I really... Sighs...

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