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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sigh... I am damn sad la... Skss,our school got silver... I dun believe that we've done our best. We were at the wrong pace,3 of our best players took the wrong cue and came in at the wrong time. And after that in school we all cried. When in music room we said we wanted to protest to Mr Leong,Mr Quek got angry. U know why? Cause he scared,he scared he would be blame or would not be able to answer mr leong's questions. And we always perform the best for them,what did they return us with? Disappointment of broken promises to watch the rest of the performance.

I couldn't get it that we got silver,so while the rest are crying so hard,i was laughing. Then i thought,eh? Why i laugh ah? I thought i should cry? Then i go talk to wen chuan,ask her to tell me in the face that we got silver.

"WenChuan,tell me that we got silver."
"We got silver!"*LOUD*
"Tell me again."
"We got silver!!"*LOUDER*
"Tell me again,tell me in the face."
"WE GOT SILVER!!!"*DAMN LOUD*(everyone looking)
Then i scream cause it really sink in liao,then start to feel the sadness. I juz threw my bag and ran to the toilet. Later on,ZiYi and HuiWen came to look for me. After awhile,i ok liao then go back. Lol,i heard it ok,grace... She said,haiyo. The yingzi so unpredictable,laugh for a moment and then cry for a moment.

I wanna be motivated to play hard for GOLD WITH HONOUR for the next SYF. But... I may be quiting at the end of sec2...

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