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Monday, March 26, 2007

Woowee~! These few days so busy and exciting! Friday went to see Austin off,what the hell... Rush there by taxi still cannot make it,but not his fault so nvm. Met up with shermaine,then she treat me to Burger Kings cause I'm broke after taking the cab(stupid austin's fault-.-) Hehe,found out that the queen's birthday is at the end of april. Have time to make it to the party. Then that night went to the esplanade watch 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Very classical and nice!!! I was like "Oh my god" for the whole performance cause i'm amazed at how well it was performed and the ballet was very good! There are some funny parts too xD

Then saturday was my cousin wei lik's wedding. They were very happy(i guess so,everyone can see) and were crying too. Their wedding so romantic,so were their pictures! very nice lorr.. Then as michelle enter the church,wei lik's frens(in no.1) all rise their swords and the bride walk under it. Then after the wedding went up to their room,all cousins were like "WAH! So big! The toilet also bigger than the hall -_-ll" Then went to pasir ris see wei zhen have riding lessons.

On sunday went to Old Changi Hospital. My bro,alina and i went there first and wait a long time for hui xuan,wen kai,hwee ping and zhen ying. Poor them,stupid bus drivers anyhow give wrong directions. Then we went in so happy,but feel sad to see stains of blood on walls. Our biggest discovery:Bullshit,where will tell u our biggest discovery? We also wan points de ok??
Then at night went with huixuan and wenkai to century square watch The haunted school,so nice!!!

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