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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Woo~ Ying zi she damn stupid lor,she forgot her lyrics on stage lor,if not i think she can go in de lo.Gratz to emily,she got in! Nvm,though quite disappointed,can always try again next year. But i think more likely wanna join MSU! MSU wan sui!

I finish camp liao,have a lot of ghost stories to tell. The camp was very fun,won 6 coke at the challenge pole. The night walk was ok la,nothing much scary other than the metal dragging sound along the dark night road and finding urself awake in the middle of the night hearing only the snoring of ppl,dogs howling and some weird ppl singing.

The last day we found sanitary pads lying around the grass patch,weird.They tout it was some animals but me and cheryl believe it was the pontianak lorr..
Our memorable camp cheer:Ni men xi bu xi huan?! Ooo~ mama wo xi huan,ooo~ papa wo xi huan! Pi li pa la wo xi huan! Wo xi huan,wo xi huan,yeah!!!

To instructor Andrew:WE LOVE YOU INSTRUCTOR ANDREW!*clap*got fly~ got fly~!

Then a few days ago dear brought me to the fun fair at hougang,quite ex though. We paid $7.50 each for a ride in the ferris wheel and had 18 ROUNDS!!! After that come out feel a bit giddy and like puking. And he bought me a pink colour butterfly wallet when i juz say casually that i like it! Wee~~~!And finally bought Liao Zhai disk,2 stories only though(Xiao Qian and Hua Pi)

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