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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yeah,yesterday's valentine's day. My dear Alvin bring me out to Clarke Quay,and the boat cruise. Hehe,so fun and romantic. He say no more chocolate bar at the esplanade,and some more i had once said that clarke quay's night view was best. But first,we went to watch 'Just Follow Law". I cant believe that they actually pay Fann Wong 6 digit figure money to play 'Tanya Chew'. Anyway,the whole movie was HILARIOUS!

And the night view at clarke quay was really nice,I cant believe dear actually won it lorr. And he say the heels was my fifth month anniversary present. Lolx,he ask me to ask him where is the valentine's one,then he say wait until dinner then tell me,dun tempt him if not dinner no surprise liao. Cool~ He called up and reserved a place there. And he showed me the envelope and voucher,specifying on it.(?)

Yeah,and they've got their own 'Phantom of the Opera' by the river with this erm,mask on the face. And they gave out a glass of champagne with a cherry inside. Saded,i didnt finish it,quite strong till it tasted a bit like wine instead. Shh,they dun even know my age. Then the phantom gave me a white rose and said"There you go,there's another rose for you."Cause,I already have alvin's flowers liao mahx.

Anyway,during dinner my dear say he gave me the present already,'course i was puzzled because he didnt touch my bag at all,juz ask me to keep his disk,envelope. He told me to open the envelope,with that silly grin on his face -.-
'Oh,2 movie tickets?'Then look carefully,I was like "OH MY GOD! It's the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA TICKETS AT THE ESPLANADE!"

Man,i tout he really went to buy lorr,then i was like,very touch la. We had a 4-course dinner,and everything was nice,and the manager scolded the chefs for losing a couple of lobster pancake orders,no wonder ours is SO LONG! Oh,and is he win the tickets as well and the voucher. That is my valentine's day present. *Blehx*Words cannot explain my feelings but very touch lorr,it's gonna be the most memorable night ever.

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