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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ooo,so long time nv blog liaox,lolx!Yay,today went Victoria Concert Hall to watch Xinyi,Zhang laoshi,shu qi and ophilia's performance.My favorite is Chang'e Ben Yue(Moon Fairy) that song.Wee~

Then teachers all over singapore came to perform the same song,feng shou luo gu(Celebrations of a Bumper Festival)! Yin qun teacher suddenly back out of the performance though she attended it,wonder why.The teachers performing were:Ma XiaoLan,ZhangLuFeng(teacher),LinZhong,YinHong,ChenJingNan,XuHui,YangXia,LinPeipei,CuiJingyi.
OH.MY.GOD!!!I found the name ma xiaolan very familiar,and it happen to be jia ying's teacher.Then after the performance I go and ask teacher if she's my ma laoshi(she knew her) and she said yesLlolx!

Teacher Ma also said she found me familiar.Wee~After 6 years lost of contact she still remember me and I found out that she's teaching Bedok View sec.

Poor Edlyn,she's into the hospital again!She's paralyzed from waist down to knee.Not sure why but i think it's something bout her spine and she's done too much climbing.Me and my dear went to visit her today and play poker.Lolx!Cause partly she cannot sit up so she's bored.I think i'll visit her tomorrow.Afterall,there'll be nothing to do after my remedial so it's ok bahx.

Valentine's day is coming!Oh,last year eliz's valentine's day was so romantic,the guy who like her actually send 100 roeses to her!If it's me i'd be very very very very touch de lorr...But no guys would do that for me,it's ok cause i know it's expensive.

Besides,which gal wouldn want her valentine day to be memorable and romantic?

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