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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hehe,I'm in school now. Using art IT lesson to blog,hehe.
What the hell? Guess what? I lost my wallet yesterday on the bus,Ernest was playing and I THINK i forgot to put it in my pocket. WHAT THE HELL???
yanying here, jus to look around. lalalas X) here to announce, WO AI TAN JIAHUI AND GERALDINE YEO! wheeha!

Backies,see? She doesnt love me enough-.- -yingzi

must not give yingzi a chance to talk !! spam spam spamspamspamspamspamspamspam... lalals dun five her chance to tok .. !!! i luv ulah .. but u got valentine lae-Chu Xuan

wadever, craps. hahas. bak to yanying. i love yingzi too ((: but i love jiahui n geraldine more. lol?! dun let her blog liao. so i tink i will end here. byebye!-yanying

Duh,it's better that she say this,later some ppl cry[boohoo~] -yingzi

I sae i luv u .!! u no fan ying ! wat thehell ?! - chuxuan

ok la ok la! Come,come. I give u a kiss! Muacks muacks>.< -yingzi

i decided not to sae byebye. hahas. lalalas, chuxuan dun love her mummie. i punch her arh. dun feed u den u noe. -yanying

u nvr sae u luv mi .. mumiie i luv u too lahs... luv my daddy!! i wan eat! i hungry. T_T o.0 -chuxuan
i tink i shall realli sae byebye now, tcher's looking. ]]= byebye peoples. love you ((: -yanying
realli mehs ? i think yingzi wanna type,but got no chance to type. -chuxuan
What the heck? No time le,buaiix! Muacks,love all!

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