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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hahax,chu chou le...Jus now Austin was online.I was shock then ask him"tout u leaving for hongkong today?"He replied,yeah,i'm in hong kong now.Hahaha.I ask him him how was life in hong kong and he said it's grand.Duh?I was then thinking,wow,he living in wad kinda house?Condo?Mansion?Palace?Haha,turn out to be that he was living in a hotel!Haha,greater shock bahx,A HOTEL ACTUALLY HAS INTERNET FOR PPL TO USE?!

Okie,nvm.Boohoo...To austin: Nous nous reverrons certainement un jour.
Yesterday went to VCH with my dear and watch different school perform.Austin was in the Dunman sec choir and man,he's looking great in his suit!Not bad,I really enjoyed the performance by Catholic High and Raffles Voice[Raffles Institute].One of the very nice songs was chua-ay,very long but i'm loving them!

Was suppose to eat dinner with Austin at Lau Pa Sa but i think he may wanna join his frens.Alvin decided to go Vivo city and watch 'Happy Feet'.Duh,after we left there Austin did called but I didn answer. XD

My god!The Candy Empire there was enormose[izzit spelt like that?],with so many many many chocolates there!!!Ahhh!The queue at the cinema there was,hahaha,amazingly long!

We met his fren there,vincent and his gf.Haha,we watch 'The Battle of Wits'[Mo Gong]in the end cause there 'a lot of kids in front'.We watch the show at 9.30pm and since there was still bout 3 hours to wait,we went window shopping lor.wah~got so many chocolate shop there and things there quite expensive ye...

Should regret watching the show cause it was 2 and a half hour long!Yeap,it ended at 12am!!!No more public transport so call dad to fetch us.Wow,nv seen Vivo city so quiet,all shops were closed.hahaha...

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm bored bored to death nowadays!!!Can somebody jus bring me out to have some fun?!Nothing's up nowadays...This sunday's Austin's performance at VCH and we're having dinner at Lau pa sa.Shermaine might be joining us as well,after her mom's wedding!Yeap,her mom's getting married this sunday at Sentosa,congratulations to her!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 s:Sick,sianz

Heyheys,I'm so bored now.More sianz is that my bf's not coming back tonight cause he need to report by 6.45am the next day.He wont be able to make it in time if he comes back.Cough,cough...Though i'm sick,i'm still craving for chocolates and heaty food like Tom Yam noodles!Hm,yum-yum!
Yeap,I've been sick these few days,feeling so terrible!Symtoms before you're sick:sore throat.He played quite long hours so I'm kinda angry that he's not taking care of his health[yaya,my cousins are nurse,maybe i too have the 'cells'of becoming a nurse and care].Dun wanna talk to him,so my sore throat was too a good excuse*smiles*

Nvm,still got forgive him in the end but if he continues,well,I dunno wad i will or can do.But that doesnt means that he can play even longer!*blehx*i very bad ah?ok,nvm.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A year ago?

Oh,actually wanna post on friday de but accidently delete the blog so cannot.Why on friday?Cause it's the graduation day of the p6 '06.
Haix,I see them taking photos bringing collecting signatures around the school.Sad sia,I didnt take photos a year ago.Somemore the only photo I had was lost,i guess on the rooftop[izzit spelled like this?]of RSS when miss lee brought us up there for some sight-seeing!!!
What's more,a year ago,we would be taking photos and running around the school playing!

Haix,yingzi!Wake up le!U're in secondary school liaox!Somemore going on sec2 liaox,senior of sec1 and RSS!*Evil smile*It's your turn to cut the queue and bully the new sec1s'.Hahaha...

My blog's been deleted!www.whirlwind-dreams.blogspot.com

Sorry guys,my blog's been accidently deleted.Damn sad lor!2YEARS of my life has been deleted and like i forgotten wad happen these two years.