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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Uh-oh...It's late now and i'm kinda having a headache from lack of sleep,yeap,now is 3+am already...Guess wad had i been making juz now?COOKIES!So pretty!Put kissables on top of it!And hersheys!Yesterday(which also means juz now) have so many things happen...i'm immune to happy ones,juz relieved only.I wished i could cry over sad ones,but back to the point,it seems kinda weird to cry when nothing has happen yet.
Happy ones
Later in the day i'm gonna have air-con in my room!Finally!Gelvin calledand we had cinference,around the time when i knock off work,though i'm with my bf but i still talk to gelvin cause i'll need his help in settling the the n6 stuffs.It's settled already then,and found out that me and chu xuan ok liaox.The whole probs with n6 settle already and me and chu xuan ok liaox!Happy~However,moi dear seems to be angry when i dun wan him to hear the contents of my conversation on the phone or was it i ask him to walk faster a bit?So it's my-->
Sad one
I ask him to go faster,is because this conversation might turn ugly.It's gang related stuff!I know he wouldn like it if i start cursing and swearing.It seems like i'm more of a complicated person than him a simple preson.How I wished i'd be like him.Oh well,he doesnt seem to wanna talk to moi!I told him the truth after I left,but i'm not even sure of how he felt.Or mayb I think too much?Or mayb I was too selfish?Or mayb he doesnt wanna talk to me cause he was too tired???
*walk on a beach,looking at the starry night and wonder...*

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