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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Okay,I juz slept at 6am this morning,can u believe it?!I wasnt tired at all and woke up at 12pm.Was suppose to go with Joyce to her church's christmas party but aws too late,couldn reach back to bedok in time.Yesterday was Wei Lik kor kor's b'day!We (Ya Qing,Charles,WeiLik,Michelle,Ya Jann,Bro,Ya Guan,Da yi ma and Er yi ma) went to bugis to eat steamboat.Hehex,so many prawns!Argg,the toilet there was horrible,so,I walk to bugis.I walk along those pubs and oh-my gosh,it's juz so cool~There're ppl drinking inside and how I wished I COULD go in.Woaw,in one of the pub i look in and it was so dark inside,and there was somebody doing bartop dancing!Wow,card games went on inside too.

Uck,i hope i'm not hooked onto drinking!

Okay,so we went to cousin's house and had fun playing 'Eye Toy' on their ps2!It's so tedious and fun!

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