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Monday, December 04, 2006

Heyhey!I'm back from the CO camp,that shows i survived the 'survivor camp'!Hah!The food was luckily not as bad as I thought.
Went to the AVA for briefing.Wow,they surprised us with candles,1 on each table.Of course have turn the air-con but no lights.In a way,it's romantic and everyone says so XD
We were grouped into 6 diff. group and i'm in group C with Hwee ping.Our group is called Seasons(during this days our flag were always missing.)We had the night walk and it's so fun!Can always hear ppl screaming.Jasmine and Januver had a hard time begging Mrs Nancy Tan to let us watch 'The Nun'.Toobad,we didnt' manage to watch finish it.We also had to make Music Video to perform tomorrow night.We slept quite late,bout 1/2am.
Woke up quite sleepy and tired.Wow!The breakfast's hotdog is extremely nice and I ate 3!!!I'm totally busted today!!!I fell aslept at GuZheng,while Yin Teacher was outside.I intended to jus lie there while waiting for teacher to come.Big deal,almost everyone are doing the same thing.But I actually fell asleep!!!After hearing my frens' explaination that i'm too tired,Yin teacher told them not to wake me up.I think i slept for 40min...I only remember lying on guzheng hearing the strumming of guzheng and ppl talking.Poof!I'm asleep,then woke up with a start,remembering I have a lessoon going on.That night's BBQ was nice!Wen Kai and a lot of seniors came.Then had the performance of 'Bunk Queen'and'Bunk King'+Music Video.We were about to have dance floor session[it's already 12am!!!]when Mr Quek came in and scold us.Wow,everyone was totally stunned and he was so fierce!So we had to turn in and no dancing.Haix,sad.But i'm tired anyway.
Left at 9am cause couldn wait for Januver to wake up.Wah,he shuang then wake up one leh,even when they drag him outside he still sleeping.They say Mr Quek talk to him he jus say'I wanna sleep.'duh!Then went for volunteer work at TPYSCC.

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