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Monday, December 11, 2006

Duh,I have so many things to say.Okay,the post that i owe the day:08/12/2006 first.

To moi dear:
Dear,this day 08/12/2006 is our 3rd month.I am so glad that it can last till now.I know it's not a big deal,only three months but to me,I think it's quite a lot.I know i've disappointed you in many ways,and it makes me feel so sad and had no idea of how to cheer you up when seeing you so disappointed.Haven't hear me say "I love you" in person bahx...Ever heard that it has more feelings when it's type out,means more when it's said in person?Well,nvm then.

Last thing is,je t'aime,ma dear...

Had lunch with Xin Yi at Bedok KFC.Dammit!Have a stupid chee ko peh keep looking at us!Go everywhere also have ppl looking!Stupid!Then now staying overnight at cousin's house.

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