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Monday, November 27, 2006

Yesterday went to VCH with my dear and watch different school perform.Austin was in the Dunman sec choir and man,he's looking great in his suit!Not bad,I really enjoyed the performance by Catholic High and Raffles Voice[Raffles Institute].One of the very nice songs was chua-ay,very long but i'm loving them!

Was suppose to eat dinner with Austin at Lau Pa Sa but i think he may wanna join his frens.Alvin decided to go Vivo city and watch 'Happy Feet'.Duh,after we left there Austin did called but I didn answer. XD

My god!The Candy Empire there was enormose[izzit spelt like that?],with so many many many chocolates there!!!Ahhh!The queue at the cinema there was,hahaha,amazingly long!

We met his fren there,vincent and his gf.Haha,we watch 'The Battle of Wits'[Mo Gong]in the end cause there 'a lot of kids in front'.We watch the show at 9.30pm and since there was still bout 3 hours to wait,we went window shopping lor.wah~got so many chocolate shop there and things there quite expensive ye...

Should regret watching the show cause it was 2 and a half hour long!Yeap,it ended at 12am!!!No more public transport so call dad to fetch us.Wow,nv seen Vivo city so quiet,all shops were closed.hahaha...

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