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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 s:Sick,sianz

Heyheys,I'm so bored now.More sianz is that my bf's not coming back tonight cause he need to report by 6.45am the next day.He wont be able to make it in time if he comes back.Cough,cough...Though i'm sick,i'm still craving for chocolates and heaty food like Tom Yam noodles!Hm,yum-yum!
Yeap,I've been sick these few days,feeling so terrible!Symtoms before you're sick:sore throat.He played quite long hours so I'm kinda angry that he's not taking care of his health[yaya,my cousins are nurse,maybe i too have the 'cells'of becoming a nurse and care].Dun wanna talk to him,so my sore throat was too a good excuse*smiles*

Nvm,still got forgive him in the end but if he continues,well,I dunno wad i will or can do.But that doesnt means that he can play even longer!*blehx*i very bad ah?ok,nvm.

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