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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shoes from Zalora

Shoes shoes and more shoes! My love for nice shoes is so much that one shoe cabinet is simply not enough! There is a strange kind of mood booster whenever I purchase a new pair of shoes, a refreshing air of confidence in every stride taken with new shoes.

If you are feeling bored right now, join me and start shopping online for shoes at awesome prices! Here's a few picks from Zalora's shoes section:

Kitten Heel Pumps with Patent Piping at S$29.90

 Crossover Pointed Pump by ZALORA at S$27.90

Canvas Ballerina Flats by ZALORA at S$12.90

Also,head over to read Zalora's online magazine as they introduce their own style, own brand and popular picks for online shoppers! Do you know that Zalora also recently launched their very own brand? Their in-house collection consists of local and international designs, debuting it online exclusively on Zalora. Their fashion is periodically updated for the latest style, and guess what's more awesome? Simply subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy $10 off your purchase, so head over and start SHOPPING!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mcdonald's McWrap

About two weeks back, I was invited to Mcdonald's #UnWrapTheFun launch party. You might have guessed it, it is being launched already and known as the Mcdonald's McWrap.
 photo photo2_zps75995ac2.jpg
The idea was to have a healthy 500-calorie meal at Mcdonald's, which is pretty cool as many had claim to be impossible from a fastfood restaurant. The proposed 500 calories meal was a combination of the newly launched McWrap with a corn cup and Coke Zero, all this at 501 calories. There is no doubt to the freshness of the ingredients and with a mere few words, your McWrap is ready within minutes.
 photo photo3_zpsfccaa9de.jpg
The McWrap is a 10-inch, white-flour tortilla wrapped around 3 pieces of chicken (grilled or “crispy”), lettuce, shredded red and white cabbage, sliced carrots, tomatoes, and McDonald’s special chargrilled sauce or creamy mayonnaise. The grilled chicken promised to be equally tasty despite the skin removal. With an easy-to-go packaging, the meal is pretty fuss-free if you ask me.

Remember to have a healthy meal, McWrap is in stores on 14th August 2014! In the mean time,I shall have my very own McWrap!

 photo photo1_zps1cc1c0dd.jpg
Chewing halfway when I took this photo,hehe!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Domino's Pizza is now hiring!

Looking for a new career? Want to be in an environment where you get to smell or even savor delicious food? Look no more, Domino's Pizza is now offering career opportunities for people who are interested to embark on a new career that's both rewarding and fulfilling!
 photo _MG_9717_zpsd222f414.jpg
 photo _MG_9718_zpscef603f4.jpg
 photo _MG_9720_zpsd5aa8164.jpg
All this delicious food is promised with a 30min delivery time, with many thanks to the staff who made it possible with the most time-efficient methods!
Domino's Pizza has many employees benefits such as 13th month bonus, medical benefits and employee insurance, flexibility in arranging working hours, attendance and punctuality incentives, and the prospect of further career advancements with Domino’s as well as referral incentives. They have a few job openings now, such as Delivery Experts, Pizza Chefs and Management. To further motivate their staff, they have this 'Rolex Challenge' where a specially customized Domino's Rolex watch will be given to the manager of the store or US2,000! This is given when the store is able to hit the sales target for 4 weeks as well as outstanding performance through evaluation reports.
An exclusive kitchen tour was given and we were able to see how fast they were in making the pizzas. Each and everyone of them is very dedicated in their task, I can imagine how fun it must be to work with such enthusiastic people.

On top of that,we get to make our own pizza! Which was quite fun cause we get to choose our own ingredients.
 photo _MG_9799_zpsc4acd3a1.jpg
Here's my pizza! I can't take any photos in the kitchen so here's the end result :)
For more information,do visit domino's website/

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Ever felt like going to USA but never had the opportunity to do? Don't think that you will only get your chance to go USA when you are an adult, make use of your creative juices and win yourself a trip to USA! N.E.mation!9 has begun and the registration is now open! It takes 3 simple steps to win yourself and your team members a trip to USA!

Simply follow this 3 steps:
1. Form a team of 3 to 4 students from your school.
2. Register online at NEMATION.SG/
3. Submit your story ideas on the central idea (Because We Believe) by 15th August 2014.

If you are worried about not having a story idea,fret not! There are some resources here to help kick start your creative engine and craft a winning story:
Don’t know how to start? No worries, we have some resources here to help you get your creative juice flowing and craft a winning story:
view the Free online Story Workshop at http://nemation.sg/story/

Remember,the deadline for story submission is on 15th August 2014 so do hurry!

Here's a little more elaboration on the central idea – Because We Believe:
“Singapore is what it is today because our pioneers believed in Singapore and were united by a determination to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation. As we mark Singapore’s 50th year, it is a good time to reflect on the values, principles and convictions that will continue to shape the nation and the home that we want for Singapore and our future generations.”

Here's a short clip of the team from the previous season on their trip to USA:


For more updates and information about N.E.Mation!9, do check out their social media and official channels:
Website: nemation.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nemation
Twitter: @nemation
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NEmators
Instagram: http://instagram.com/nemation.sg/

Monday, August 04, 2014

Sound of Music Musical Review

While Sound of Music remained a childhood favourite for many, do you know that it was originally made as a Broadway musical and not a film? It is a bold move to retage the iconic Julie Andrews film back into a musical, staging it right here in Singapore.

Image from Base Entertainment
The story is about Maria, who was a mischievous nun being sent take care of the Von Trapp children. During her time there, her love for singing made the children adore her so much that she fell in love with the family as well, and later married their widowed father while the Nazis took over Austria.

The children in the musical were local-based whom won their roles through an audition that opened up several months ago, they star alongside with the mainly South African cast. It was an absolute joy to watch the children singing so well to the upbeat and cheerful songs. Nostalgia filled the theatre as many hummed alongside with familiar classic songs such as My Favourite Things, Sixteen going on Seventeen and Do Re Mi. The backdrop slowly changes colour from blue to orange as the conversation goes on.

Bethany Dickson plays the role of Maria, her flawless voice riveted well right from the start to the very end. Her enthusiasm could not posssibly by imitated by just anyone! As Mother Abbess sung the nuns to prayers, it was so beautifully staged that it's worth every bucks for the show. I love how Bethany was able to play the character well, enunciating every word with such clarity. Andre Schwartz plays the captain and his voice caught me by surprise! It was very charismatic, a refreshing change from the deep opera male voices that I used to hear from other musicals.

The show runs from now till 10 August with the following showtime:
Tue - Fri: 8pm
Sat: 2pm & 8pm
Sun: 12pm & 6pm

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP : S$195
A Reserve : S$165
B Reserve : S$135
C Reserve : S$95
D Reserve : S$65
VIP Box (For 4 Seats) : S$780
Box Seats (For 4 Seats) : S$540

Restricted View:
E Reserve : S$165
F Reserve : S$135
G Reserve : S$65

Do catch the show before it ends!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Obsessed Movie Review

Remember my previous post about the movie Korean movie called Obsessed? Here's my take on the movie! In case you don't,here's a summary of it once again:

"South Korea, 1969, summer. Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong (Song Seung-heon) is a decorated Vietnam War officer, the "Hero of the Goboi Plains", and soon to be promoted to general. In charge of training at an army camp in the countryside, he lives a comfortable life with other officers and their wives, despite still suffering from post-traumatic disorder from his time fighting the Vietcong. His ambitious wife, Suk-jin (Jo Yeo-jeong), daughter of the camp's head, lords it over the gossipy circle of officers' wives, and is desperate to get pregnant, blocking out the fact that Jin-pyeong has lost interest in her. One night, while out walking after having planned sex with his wife, Jin-pyeong meets their new neighbour, Chinese-Korean Jong Ga-heun (Im Ji-yeon), wife of Captain Gyeong U-jin (On Ju-wan) who's just been transferred to the camp and is a big admirer of Jin-pyeong. Jin-pyeong is attracted by Ga-heun, who is completely different from the camp's snobbish other women. During a wives' tour of the camp hospital, a patient (Yeon Je-uk) goes crazy and holds Ga-heun prisoner with a scalpel; Jin-pyeong rescues her, though she's slightly wounded. Jin-pyeong becomes obsessed by Ga-heun, whose own marriage to U-jin is more one of duty, as she was adopted and raised by his family after she was orphaned. After various clandestine meetings, the two finally make love in his jeep one rainy afternoon; but Ga-heun starts to become apprehensive when Jin-pyeong becomes ever more controlling."
- Filmbiz Asia

The movie is filled with many sweet climatic moments,literally! For ladies who enjoys the traditional courtship and displays of masculinity in a relationship,this is quite the movie for you. As a suave man in uniform whom outwardly expresses his desires to see her and yet having to keep their forbidden love in the dark, this movie is quite intense. The movie may be a little slow in introducing the storyline, the sex scenes does make up for it. It is worth the wait to see both the lead actor and lead actress in act because they really have a nice body and the scenes were well taken.

This is the wife in the movie. She looks cute but behave abit like auntie,and she gave them so much time being alone such that she somewhat allows this little affair to take place.

One of the many times that they were being left alone.

Overall,I think it's quite an interesting movie that depicts the Korean culture in terms of the way they speak (I don't mean the cheating part!). I would rate this as 3 against 5 stars!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Obsessed Movie preview

Feeling bored that there aren't any exciting movies to catch lately? Think again!

Obsessed, a Korean movie starring Song Seung Heon is coming to Singapore. He is best known for his TV dramas such as Autumn in my heart, My Princess and Dr. Jin. This movie is his first movie promotional tour ever and yes, he is gracing the premiere of this movie right here in Singapore at GV max @ VivoCity!

Here's the trailer of the movie:

This movie tells the story about a colonel whom falls into a forbidden but irresistible love affair, risking everything that he has accomplished so far which can only end in tragedy.

Any fans of Song Seung Heon around? Here's your chance to meet him personally,there's a Meet & Greet session at 9pm tomorrow at VivoCity GV max, and tickets are on sale now:
http://goo.gl/hWPP4Z at $40 (members) | $50 (public)

See you there!