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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Believed Beliefs in the 3rd week of production

During my final visit to the Believed Beliefs at the production site, the girls had done most of their work and were able to sit down with me, showing me the work that they had done so far. Watching their videos in fascination, I couldn't help but felt a sense of happiness for their achievement over the past 3 weeks!

Catching a movie together
It was heartwarming to know that it wasn't all about work but also having time for themselves to relax, laugh and chit chat.

 photo _DSC0726_zps4eef4f0a.jpg
Many frames of tracing to be done, just like the one above. What are these characters doing in the video? Well, they act as different individuals that contributes to Singapore's society! Such as a SAF soldier, audiences at the NDP and so on.

 photo _DSC0729_zps0da3a92a.jpg
Lee Cheng bending over and doing her share of work.

The girls were giggling and very jovial during my third visit, and I know that they are relaxed cause they are done with most of their work! That makes me really happy too because it allows us time to put some time into garnering support for their team through the social media channels.
 photo batch__DSC0779_zps445e6f2c.jpg
Constance checking out their twitter site.

 photo batch__DSC0780_zps1addfec5.jpg
Everyone is gathering around her while they tweet for support!

 photo batch__DSC0778_zpsca537bd1.jpg
Heh, the girls are really cute!

 photo batch__DSC0784_zpsfb385032.jpg
Even though the production phase has ended, you can still show your support by liking their Facebook page and and following social media channels! Very soon, you will be be able to see lots of ways for yourself to win prizes during the voting phase! Hop on over to N.E.mation! facebook page and give them a thumbs up over here!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Knowing AlphaCrescent

The journey taken along with AlphaCrescent is AMAZING. They are not mere students from Crescent Girls' School, they are the animation creators! Let's take a look back at the works they have done for the past 3 weeks.

With the tools they used,
 photo batch__DSC0750_zps57d2f4f9.jpg

warming the clay with the hair dryer so that it's easier to mould
 photo _DSC0744_zpsbd505b38.jpg

 photo batch__DSC0767_zps2de654a2.jpg

they carve,
 photo batch__DSC0747_zpsd9bf480d.jpg

they sculpt,
 photo batch__DSC0749_zps4ffd2093.jpg

and they align,
 photo batch__DSC0751_zps8a3e6e9d.jpg

and under the guidance of their instructor Miss Beverly,
 photo batch__DSC0752_zpsa31fa31d.jpg

they created these cute little figurines:
 photo _DSC0720_zpsddef8dfe.jpg
 photo batch__DSC0755_zps796c6a6e.jpg
 photo batch__DSC0769_zps3447dd9c.jpg

Of course, with a little help from their instructor Miss Beverly...
 photo batch__DSC0754_zps86a6cce7.jpg
A constant reminder for them to finish them follow the schedule and complete their work on time.

 photo batch__DSC0774_zpsd78e63f1.jpg
They were really amazing!!! With zero knowledge about animation, they built all that from scratch. All of them find out about each other's weaknesses, strengths, likes and dislikes. And they adapt accordingly, doing what they are best at!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Midnight rants

Isn't sad to see two people who are truly in love but couldn't get together? The fault does not lie between them but due to external factors, they have to break up? You could see the happiness on her face, and the way he looked at her.. You know that they are truly in love with each other.

And what happens after they break up? They slowly drift apart, and allow time to erode the memories. All they can both remember is how they felt about each other.

And towards the end of that reminisce, they can only ask themselves, what happened?

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mid-Production: Believed Beliefs at work

After an introduction in the first week, the girls paced up and wasted no time in completing their tasks. Keeping ahead of schedule, the girls from Believed Beliefs found time to have fun amidst the work load! One of their favourite thing to do is to disturb their instructor, Mr Alvin, as they spend a lot of time together.
 photo _DSC0736_zpsed6b593a.jpg
Teasing him and his camera. He often tests out his camera by taking random shots of them at work. During one of the visits, they were laughing about his choice of home-made drink! It was a healthy drink by the way, lots of celery, carrots, and all the vegetables you can think of to make a healthy drink. Apparently, they tried it and didn't like it!

 photo _DSC0735_zps5b58db6d.jpg
Mr Alvin guided them along the way and had drawn up a schedule for them to follow.

 photo _DSC0740_zps4e118d32.jpg
Lots of different scenes, different colours to follow. They were also colour-coded to mark out the different characters in the animation. That made the work a lot easier as they each split up the work!

 photo batch__DSC0776_zpsa3d6b23b.jpg
Super heartened to see them putting in their best efforts. Every time I come over, they would be bending over the the screens and be furioiusly tracing away.

 photo _DSC0741_zps22dce71b.jpg
Drawing a slice of pizza to remind the instructor that they deserve some pizza! They were writing "O pizza P pizza"!
At the end of it all, I'm pretty sure it will be worth it! So much work has been done during the first and second week, so when it's time to have a break, I'm sure they would!

Do visit their facebook page and see their progress, they had been updating it regularly and sharing with everyone how their animation is coming along! Click here and 'like'  BelievedBeliefs now! Don't forget to check out their instagram and twitter too! It is available right here.

Mid-production: AlphaCrescent at work!

As we progress to the second week of the production at Nanyang Polytechnic, AlphaCrescent step up their efforts on keeping ahead of schedule. Under the guidance of their instructor, Miss Beverly, they were able to craft out lots of clay models which I found to be very exquisite!

Here's one of the clay buildings:
 photo _DSC0722_zps70805f1e.jpg
2 cute little clay humans standing in front of the building.

 photo _DSC0723_zps1dc383b4.jpg
Doing a stop-motion meant that you constantly have to adjust the clay and take picture for every single frame. Seems a little tedious but it now made me appreciate stop-motion animation even more.

Wondering how they move the clay?
 photo _DSC0721_zps45bf7b23.jpg
There's a translucent layer of the previous shot! So this is how they constantly adjust according to the previous shot and how they want the next shot to be.

 photo _DSC0724_zpsaa73bd5f.jpg
There are two camera booths so two of them will work on one. It does speed things up a little when you have someone adjusting and the other one making sure that everything looks right on the computer!

 photo _DSC0726_zps9f032e7d.jpg
This is the other photo booth. Realise there's something different? Yes, it's the background! The background is different so that they can do their editing. The green on the clay will not show up on a green background and vice versa, so they use the ones with green clay on a blue background.

 photo _DSC0733_zpsa90a6cdc.jpg
The clay humans which I found to be very cute. Too cute! You will see it soon enough as to how these are used! Each of them represents a different profession that helps to build Singapore's foundation.

 photo _DSC0732_zps835be28b.jpg
There's something dark about this, as the teddy bear gets impaled by the pole. The girls were telling me that these poles are protruding everywhere so they needed something to protect the ends, and the bear 'volunteered'. It belongs to Miss Beverly!

In the meantime, please don't forgot to like their Facebook page! Show them your support and click on here and 'like'  AlphaCrescent now!!! AlphaCrescent's news feed on instagram and twitter is available right here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Visiting the AlphaCrescent girls NE9CO10

It's my first visit to the N.N.mation!9 production site after being invited to be an ambassador once again. I was quite excited to visit this team... I don't know if it's mere coincidence or fate, but I'm assigned to AlphaCrescent from Crescent Girls' School! Read about my introduction for them over here.

They were equally surprised to see me as well, and boy, am I really glad to be assigned to them!

All of them were very sweet during my stay with them, introducing me to the work that they have done and telling me about the obstacles they face. There so many to be done, so many modelling and paper-cutting.

AlphaCrescent is doing stop-motion digital animation with clay, and this is what they have done:
 photo _DSC0742_zpsace1256b.jpg
They first have drawings of what they want to model the clay on, so they drew on hard pieces of black cardboard. The 3 circles are coconuts, and of course the one behind would be an old boat from the olden days of Singapore.

 photo _DSC0735_zpsccad6925.jpg
Then they lay the clay on the drawings, using tools to help them refine the details. One of the obstacles they face is the clay hardening quickly as the room is very cold, they could not do anything other than to knead longer and produce more heat to soften the clay.

 photo _DSC0738_1024_zpsca331c93.jpg
And more details.

 photo _DSC0741_zps49b6d4d4.jpg
And not forgetting to laugh, bond over the work that they are doing. Given the limited colours of clay provided, they would mix the colours together to achieve the desired colour. Lots of kneading required!

And these are the results!
 photo _DSC0734_zps6a74cc3d.jpg
It's not completely done yet but the contrast is there,

the details are there. The details are unbelievable, I did not know that we can do such a marvellous work with clay! Wait, THEY did it! :) All of them were very grateful to their instructor Beverly.

 photo _DSC0743_zps506575c3.jpg
"Don't forget to do your best while having fun! -JJKN59"
"Welcome to the Clay Factory, there are 4 minions at work."

And also with the support given by JJKN59 from Kent Ridge Secondary School. Even though it's a competition, everyone is like one big family, giving each other moral support and encouragements!

 photo photo3_zpsa8ecf14a.jpg
They know when to have fun and when it's time to play hard!

I really enjoyed my stay with Alphacrescent and I really look forward to seeing them again in the second week of the competition! Showing them your support is just a click away, do click here and 'like'  AlphaCrescent now! AlphaCrescent's news feed on instagram and twitter is available right here.

Many thanks to James from N.E.mation!9 for helping to take the photos with me and the girls!

First visit to Believed Beliefs at the N.E.mation!9 Production Site

I'm back in the 9th edition of N.E.mation!9 as their ambassador once again! Super excited and proud to be one of the ambassadors because I really love seeing how the enthusiastic the students are.
 photo photo1_zps62a370e9.jpg
This time round, there's a little special treat for the ambassadors. I got my ambassador batch on my first visit to NYP!

 photo photo2_zps58badc44.jpg
Took a selfie with them! There's Constance, Hazel, Lee Cheng and Kylie.
One of the two teams that I have is Believed Beliefs. They are from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, and really fun to be with!

When I came, they greeted me excited and pulled out chairs for a little chit-chat session. They gave me a little self-introduction about themselves but mainly interested to share more about their team members. Believed Beliefs was telling me that they were very inspired by their seniors Delta-gaytors (the team which I'm also the ambassador of!) in N.E.mation!8, hoping to be just like them!

 photo _DSC0732_zps0fb87a87.jpg
I was surprised to see a Christmas tree in their tent, I thought it was part of their props but no! They brought it in for to hype up a little festive mood, for Christmas! What's a Christmas tree without presents right? All candies beneath the tree made me wanna munch them all!

 photo _DSC0729_zps0da3a92a.jpg
All of them are working away so diligently that their instructor, Alvin have to remind them to take breaks in between! All of them does rotoscoping, using two screens at one time.

 photo _DSC0730_zpsca82ec11.jpg
What does it mean? It means to trace the outline of the person on the screen, and each second takes about 8 tracings. When I look at their computers, all of them have about 8 minutes worth!

 photo _DSC0726_zps4eef4f0a.jpg
See that green column below? They click on it second by second, doing the tracing for every second. 60s x 8 frames x 8min, that's hundreds of frames to be done! Thankfully, they have each other's support and help out whenever needed.

 photo _DSC0727_zps116264af.jpg
Snorlax and teddy is there to support them, wearing a pair of oversized red shorts! While Snorlax sleeps, they are working very hard to keep ahead of schedule!

Seeing how hardworking Believed Beliefs are, and I wish they could take enough break and have fun! I'm quite excited to see them again in the second week of the competition! Do give them and myself a little support by clicking here and 'like'  BelievedBeliefs now! Believed Belief's news feed on instagram and twitter is available right here.

Many thanks to James from N.E.mation!9 for helping to take the photos with me and the girls!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mamma Mia is in town!

Mamma Mia is back in town again! Its last visit to Singapore way back in 2004 saw an overwhelming success, and it's no surprise that this time round, there is an extension to the performances' date! Opening at The MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, the award-winning musical is running from 13 Nov - 14 Dec 2014.

A classic musical with an audience of more than 54 million people, it has been reproduced in 39 productions in 14 different languages. Right now, they are celebrating their 15th year anniversary in London's West end. Being the 9th longest running running performance in Broadway, it has turned into a movie, starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you'll never forget!
Over 65 million people all around the world have fallen in love with the characters, the story and the music that make MAMMA MIA! the ultimate feel-good show!

The story-telling magic of ABBA's timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, and every night everyone's having the time of their lives!

It's a really hilarious show, the characters are bold and witty, not to mention that they can all sing very well!
Event Date
Thu, 13 Nov - Sun, 14 Dec 2014
Tue - Fri: 8pm
Sat: 2pm & 8pm
Sun 1pm & 6pm

Ticket pricing
VIP Reserve : S$230 (Includes a gift)
A Reserve : S$165
B Reserve : S$145
C Reserve : S$125
D Reserve : S$95
VIP Box (For 4 Seats) : S$920 (Includ