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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hong Kong trip

I had a super fun-filled weekend over in Hong Kong last weekend with B. It was a rather impromptu trip (that's why I like most about it,being spontaneous!) as tickets were booked only 2 days before the trip! Rushed down to the airport and barely made for the check-in. Tiger Air is very strict about it and I had missed my flight before.

Off I go and here I come,Hong Kong!

Upon reaching, we headed straight for the MTR and bought the octopus card. We paid HKD150 each, with HKD100 value inside. The ride was about 40 minutes away from our hotel,really fast!

We stayed at G Residence Boutique Hotel. The hotel rooms were available in Good, Greater and Greatest. The rooms were really arty-farty, not your usual hotel rooms. It's something that I really like. Despite it being a boutique hotel, they don't save costs and do provide the full amenities in the room. The shower and shampoo gel were quality stuff, really comparable to an upscale hotel!

This is the Good room that I stayed in,about S$500 for the weekend.
 photo cats_zpsf36f33a7.jpg
I reeled back in surprise, I wasn't expecting to see this because B booked this room as a surprise for me. He was really glad to that I liked it. No, I have to say that I love it! I would definitely choose to stay here again during my next visit to Hong Kong.
 photo photo33_zps80282735.jpg
Had a handwritten card wishing us a good stay in Hong Kong. The location is a little elusive but a warm welcome at the check-in was really nice, accompanied with a tray of complimentary cookies. They were so fantastic that I couldn't stop munching them!

It was evening by the time we arrived,so we went out for dinner.
 photo photo22_zps60e8e5e8.jpg
Basking ourselves in the neon lights of Hong Kong!

 photo _DSC0023_zpsed79ea4e.jpg
We almost walk everywhere in Hong Kong and seldom took the MTR. While Shangri-La hotel is located at Admiralty MTR Station, it was within walking distance from our hotel. We went to there for a really delicious international buffet.
 photo cats_zpsb6832dce.jpg
There was a huge variety of cheese,ham and different cuisine like Mediterranean and Indian food. I'm having seafood craving lately so B chose this place, I almost drooled at the sight of lobsters! There were no crabs though,sadly =( But it's okay,B and I managed to hoot all the lobsters and had a really satisfying dinner! International buffet dinner for 2 at Café Kool is HKD1315 (S$210). The price is worth it as there were many cuisines to choose from!

We walked to Avenue of Stars and took a stroll,breathing in the salty air and admiring the towering office buildings across the banks on the other side. It was a sight to behold and one couldn't help but marvel at the economic success of Hong Kong.
 photo _DSC0026_zps284ed1ef.jpg
 photo _DSC0047_zpsad8f62f6.jpg
 photo _DSC0041_zpsca5ff01a.jpg
A touristy shot... I guess?
 photo _DSC0054_zps9da3ca23.jpg
Enjoying the trip,I look forward to the next one!

Decided to go to Macau after walking,since there's plenty of ferry timings to go and come back. There are two ferries available but they take you to different ports in Macau! We made a mistake and took the one that goes to the hotel side,called Taipa. The correct company to choose if you are going to visit the casinos,is TurboJET. It runs from 7am-12am with one ferry every 15min,and certain timings through 12am-7am. The ferry terminal is located at MTR Sheung Wan Station, Exit D. It takes about an hour from Hong Kong to Macau.

 photo _DSC0067_zpsf7403198.jpg
We passed by Starworld Hotel.

But what we really wanna see is the super posh and atas casino is Wynn Casino. Nothing fancy about the name,except that it sounds like 'win'. But it's really quite posh,and the entrance a massive carving of zodiac on the ceiling.
 photo _DSC0070_zps754d5d25.jpg
All the 12 animals in anti-clockwise order.
 photo _DSC0072_zpsd9469999.jpg
The snake looks really fierce,more like a serpent!
 photo _DSC0071_zps6a47e725.jpg
I think they are really beautiful,and fearsome looking. It's just an observation,but I realized that the rats and monkeys run around different zodiac while the rest stayed in their respective columns. Do check it out the next time you visit Macau!

Strolled around looking at jewellery stores and different casino entrance.
 photo _DSC0077_zps1824fa0a.jpg
Grand Lisboa Hotel
 photo _DSC0084_zps0fe3ef93.jpg
A winner's pose,haha!
 photo _DSC0079_zpsa69533fe.jpg
One more picture before we return to Hong Kong. Even though I have never been to Las Vegas,but I can imagine what is it like over there. Macau epitomizes the congregation of luxury watches and jewellery altogether in one area. I have never see SO MANY luxury watches in one shop and the shop next to it sells the same stuff! Gosh,I think one shop itself is enough to buy a HDB flat in Singapore. I guess there are high rollers who win enough to come and shop after their visit to the casino! And most of them don't really close shop.

We went back to Hong Kong and had a good rest for our final day in Hong Kong. Really,I love how comfortable the hotel is. We went to the famous taoist temple called Wong Tai Sin Temple,located at Wong Tai Sin MTR itself.
 photo _DSC0086_zps3dec950a.jpg
 photo _DSC0094_zps7a130f30.jpg
It wasn't overly crowded even though it was a Sunday. Prayed a little, basically for good health and good luck. Hehe!

We went to temple street but there wasn't much things to buy,it's rather similar to Kuala Lumpur's Petaling street.

We both got a cup of famous 許留山 Xu Liu Shan Healthy Dessert,it was really nice! Mainly mango jelly with coconut milk and some water I think,not very sure what's at the bottom.
I really can't wait to come back to Hong Kong again,it was a wonderful trip! Apart from the buffet that we had,we had rice noodles which is pretty cheap,about $8 per person. And delicious too!

I'm beginning to miss Hong Kong already. Shall plan a trip again and hopefully with more time to shop!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Zalora Tumblr

Summer is here (duh,all year round in Singapore) and it's time to rock some fashion in da house! I'm sure you guys have know Zalora has been around for some time and their popularity has extended to Zalora Tumblr too!

Following the tumblr for simple,chic fashion. I find their posts rather inspiring and some times it does help to give some ideas on what to wear.

Lana Del Rey,my favourite singer around.

I love flowers,I really do.

Feeling inspired now? Head over to Zalora's Tumblr now for a quick view! I shall too be scrolling through the pages and look out for nice,fashionable clothes. Can't wait for my upcoming Hong Kong trip. Till then!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hungry Ghost Ritual

I have a penchant for staying up late to watch Hong Kong horror movies, mainly because they focus a lot on myths and superstitions. As much as we like it laugh it off, I'm pretty sure many of friends have this fear lingering at the back of our head! As I typed, a new Hong Kong horror movie is about to hit the screens!

Hungry Ghost Ritual(盂蘭神功) is a directorial debut by the acclaimed actor Nick Cheung,and he stars this together with veteran Hong Kong actress Carrie Ng.The film tells the story of a Cantonese opera troupe led by Zonghua (Cheung) that is harassed by malicious spirits ten days before the Hungry Ghost Festival.

As the film is set to release on July 10, both Hong Kong actors Nick Cheung and Carrie Ng will be in Singapore to attend the gala premiere on June 28.
Here's a look at the trailer:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Somersby at Crab in Da Bag

I'm having my holidays now! Guess what is the best way to celebrate the end of exams? FOOD! I was invited to a Somersby event at this seafood restaurant called Crab in Da Bucket.

While we were there,all of us were given an apron with our names on it (customized days before the event! Woohoo!) and an opportunity to cook seafood with Somersby cider! Hidden beneath this apron kit are two bottles of Somersby Pear Cider!

Jessie and Terence fried these prawns with Somersby Pear cider:
 photo CAM06048_zps0175905a.jpg
Looks good right! I think they can cook better than me,hehe. I tried both prawns that's cooked with and without the somersby,and I honestly like the one with Somersby in it. It has more taste and more fragrant!

 photo CAM06056_zps21aba756.jpg
 photo CAM06059_zps6a0a1e7b.jpg
After which we were treated to a feast of seafood,and they were damn delicious! How can anyone not like lobsters,crabs and prawns? Way too good a meal!

And of course,a good feast should go together with a good drink!

Somersby Cider is a refreshingly light and thirst-quenching cider. With no artificial sweeteners,colouring or flavouring,Somersby Pear ciders contains 22.5% real pear juice! The success of Somersby Cider is recognized by many cafes,restaurants and night spots as places Wala Wala, Ice Cold Beer, Shuffle, Bliss House and Crab In Da Bag has them on their drinks menu. With a 4.5% ABV,it is a sociable drink that can enjoyed on many social drinking occasions with family and friends! It is now available in all leading supermarkets and hyper markets at $16.80 for 4 bottles.

Thank you SomserbySG and Crab In Da Bag for having me and Jessie in this wonderful event! Do check out their Facebook page for more information!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Newton Roast at Newton Food Centre

Last week,it was my first time going to Newton Food Centre to try out some food. I have heard about how popular the place is but never had a chance to try out the food they have. This visit to try out some pork dishes over there could possibly be one of the best that I have ever tasted in my entire life.
 photo _DSC1389_zps559b42e6.jpg
Newton Roast @ #01-51 Newton Food Centre

 photo _DSC1369_zpsabc48a5e.jpg
 photo _DSC1374_zps22e0d685.jpg
Their pork knuckles and roast pork belly are freshly baked daily. It takes a lot of control,trial & error to get the right skin texture before such goodness could be produced.

 photo _DSC1378_zpsa8b2531a.jpg
Pork knuckles aka Schweinshaxe(S$39.90) is actually a new addition to what they were previously selling. I love how crispy the skin is,not too tough and the insides are so tender that it simply melts in your mouth.

 photo _DSC1387_zps575822de.jpg
Six Pack Belly (S$33.90) is one that's more 'Asian' in appearance as compared to the pork knuckles.Spices and herbs has been rubbed on thoroughly before sending it into the oven for a good roasting. This may be more familiar to us but it is not your typical chicken rice shop char siew. That was my first initial thought until I sink my teeth into it. Juices overflow and tenderness approved! YUMS!

 photo _DSC1370_zps74d33d32.jpg
And you know what's good about Newton Roast? They accept orders online so that you can place your order before heading down to collect your pork roast! This way,you won't have too long for your pork roast. There's no problem with walk-ins but you might have to wait for them to get it done on the spot. Preparation saves time!

 photo _DSC1384_zps47371b20.jpg
 photo _DSC1386_zps72e5bbc9.jpg
There's no denying to my love for pork,the cackling of roasted pork skin in my mouth is simply pleasing to the ear. You can get them cheaper by going there to pick up some loose meat for $8 or $15!
Place your order right here!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy bee

I have gotten very busy lately and cannot blog much,so here's a couple of updates. It's almost 2 weeks after my 21st birthday and I have yet to blog about it! I guess blogging is a commitment to update this webspace of mine,just like how I made a commitment to go for ballet class 3 times a week.

Here's a look at my birthday celebration:

With my family and close friends.

And at magnum's 25th birthday @ Avalon:

With Jessie and William. I have had fun and my fill eating so many sticks of magnum ice cream!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sephora to come on board to Zalora's website

How awesome are you feeling tonight? With the weekend coming,it's time to go shopping for some make up! Sephora is going through the popular online shopping site, Zalora,making it more convenient to purchase Sephora's products.

The range of products will be quite similar to the ones in store and what's best of all is that you get free delivery for every purchase above SGD$40! It is very easy to navigate and make your purchase through Zalora's flexible return policy.

Just as big as the store gets,going online for your purchases makes it easy to filter down to your needs. We are not just talking about make up here but basic items such as bath & shower,body treatment and personal care. By mid-year,you can expect most items in-store to be available on Zalora.sg!